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Jj i just remember the thirty one nothing game that was eighteen point spread and i bet i don't know how many dollars and gave the guy twenty eight points jj i'm feeling that good you feel good my michigan squad of all time of all time is a nineteen hundred eighty five team so anybody listening from that great team that i got your back all the time and i felt the pain listen to me i felt the pain that car did when he got colas i right there but it was worth it and that was a great team and that team acquainted itself well my favorite michigan team of all time jamie okay now tonight okay i got you i just wanted to make sure because you know i'm a see brad cochran and he's going to say to me you know i don't need everybody always remembered that i didn't catch all jamie just remember everybody who didn't play college football is a better running back or a better coach or better defensive back then anybody who did did played it just ask them they call the radio stations all the thanks jj appreciate they have a good week brothers seven three four fifty gotta go to my man eric what's up arrogant south carolina hey what's going on going on man we just having a good time yeah i've been missing some of the shows i watch this to some of it but i guess all of it i heard block went on fire this week oh my goodness bronx bid on fire bre just asking oakland county hey oakland county owns michigan football just remember that they play the best brand of high school football and don't think i go to challenge them because i mean i've been working with sammy as sam yeah but you know i got i got two favorite favorite one of the recruiting story and i love to hear i forgot his name but dr he got have them all the time he has winning in a in a got in the drug bo bottom back and he ended up coming down to billy taylor.

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