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So far it's going very well. You're certainly right that that is my next question. Is that one of the challenges of getting people number one to use it and number to get people continually using it. I mean i. I'm from new jersey. I remember my grandmother jumping on the star. Bus and trenton and they gave her twelve dollars. Quarter then go go at the slot machines but it is that one of the challenges getting the older maybe less technologically adapted people to really get involved with this technology. It's definitely challenge but always refer back to the tito ticket with slot machine. You guessed it and said it's never gonna work. People want to hear the coins coming out of machines and they want to put them their buckets and look at us today. It's all cashless. Accordingly so It's it started with employees so we had educate them burst. 'cause the dealers aren't used to it now. The dealer before customer cashes out they can explain it to him and you know our goal is always trying to give him a tito ticket or educate them on their phone before we give them their chips to take to the cage and cash out things like that so and when you're really busy it's hard to really educate the consumer because you know the blackjack table has been so busy lately but when it slowing down a little bit with with what's going on but so we're able to talk to the guest more and we'll take a little time But it also helps you with procedures throughout the property. So we always know what's in the Table game in iraq You don't have as many fields. You know where the chips are deserve our idea. It's easier at the cage and things like that so makes the the processing much much easier and state of the art when you're operating to casino dot like we used to operate back in the days. Okay hold.

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