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When they she got on the field is said that improved on that side of things. I just think he's night. We told you about few weeks guys. It's time for the ravens announced to do it and bumping. We came along when thousand when it comes to baltimore. As did they wait going to be good in the regular season it in the blouses when it gets interesting for them i think that better than the browns song said about not mention the steelers at all gets them. I'll get them all right okay. We'll get to them in a bit. I'm not even mentioned the bengals. Even though i think jill burrows back his knee yet The bengals funny because the bank was the ones that i want to watch every eight years. I like i know massey college football fan but my favorite ever college football team that have watched was that. Lsu team with chase embargo had was jala over here for some reason every single week. That team was on tv are lsu and does his my favorite ever teams. I'm looking for seeing bar. How he responds to his injury. How small chase gets on his conversations about him in the moment so yeah. The bank was going to be like a team that i'm going on on the side so watch during those six. When the tesol bland. Yeah okay. let's get into the nfc site nfc west. We've got the cardinals. Rum's forty nine or seahawks. Now i to me this one. This one's a bit difficult. One is tough division man. It's the best decision and vocal and been has been really on and off the last ten years side. I have gone back to the colin kaepernick nights. He's been like a really the vision on the seahawks waistband. Good point on that good than about the good. The bad the Pretty consistent is as a they the number one. Pick a fees overruled. They're pretty consistent. Senate is a franchise and the rams of being good for a number of years now and this is a tough one to pick down two teams and the two teams will go down to the forty niners and the rams the forty nine his i. I love what i do. I love call shanahan. I think yes. He's had his mishaps in super bowl was but in general as a very very very very good coverage and their offensive seven to watch the way they run the football they now off the team and now they go. Jimmy g. who's healthy. I think april lost about six games and then tried it onto coming and then they might have running these two quarterback options hogan about the possibilities around this without offense and they're gonna be really fun to watch every time fences outside. I'm gonna go with them but only just because our raid the staff at addition Allies website as as the top division. Koike i wouldn't put money on it by the division. Talk about seinfeld. I would put money on those teams put. Money on the phone on his own. Iran's or the seahawks. I it's it's strange with nine is suppose with any teams but they The injuries they had last year was that was. That was the amount of it. Wasn't it and you know. Hopefully they actually get back to winning ways that they did before 'cause watching them like you said i mean the their offense is made even the defense as well i mean You know both the bowl very solid team and you'll be interesting to see. How do the she especially with everybody. Back so interrupt you die. Or one of the finest exhibitions of ever seen and was the dan. The chase won the super bowl. The the void on us absolutely destroyed the packers with the run. Game was some of the most entertaining. Football club is satan in our member together. That guy dreading what they were gonna do to us. Luckily it didn't didn't happen that way but that particular game made me a fan of entire entire offense not just loved watching work. Yeah i think from that division. And i'd like to see the of books from top i know i know. I like the sea hawks of the most boring franchise go in this. Oh really like russell. Wilson's my boring mine in the world. I just thinking no. I'm just thinking rivalry wise. It'd be great to have them nice. It would be. It'd be great to have them in the in the playoffs did it anyway. It'll be in the playoffs. Because they're a good side but they have not been relevant now properly relevant not about seven years they are a good side that congo of the are basically like the packers. They're good team. They're always going to be there at airbus but the doug make the suppo that just they know not what they were and i'm just bored of teams on the ravens the steelers teams and just hung around the playoffs year in year. Out berry rarely done anything. Just i'm bored. I'm bored of the seattle. Seahawks are really are that i made plans to. West of a playoff is because they're not good enough to win the super bowl side like this thomas thomas brutal today all right the nfc east dallas cowboys giants eagles and washington washington washington. Because i like the trenches besides ireland and Fitzpatrick is enough to get it down a lot of courage yet rubbish division over swallow them rubbish delivery package yes. I'm going through the that. The washington football team. Did i say right. Thomas league regarded just washington statements. Have you'd be much in the hawks cowboys i worship. First two episodes number yet. Sim- i'm glad you said dogs getting easy just as this is not the best hard knocks zam. We've had Again this is what we're going back to before. A boring team.

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