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It'll be it'll open up but he the title track of Liza's new album because I love you we'll be right back this is fresh AIR this is fresh air and if you're just joining us my guest is Liz she has a new album called because I love you so you play flute and I'll just start by saying you've played flute alike on TV and on videos a lot of people thought like oh it's done by somebody else you can't possibly play like that she's not a classical person I don't know why people think that's races yes yes yes I'm very funny videos answering that but suit to tell us how you started to play flute like this is our fifth or sixth grade did you choose the instrument or did a teacher say you got to play flute in this other person gets to play trombone yeah they chose the flu chose me I remember I was in band in fifth grade and we were sitting down and there was one girl name is miss Johnson and she was a foot specialist I really think she was like just going to college and was trying to get some extra credit and he was like Mr Browder was like who do you want in your flu class who do you want to play flu is she picks me and I don't know why she picked me I think later on she was like you know you just have a good embouchure I could tell you have a good flute embouchure which is you know your mouth but I don't know and I was like grateful because I've wanted to play flute I thought it was the coolest instrument but you know who could have known all the cool girls play clarinet anyway what why do you think the flu is the coolest instrument I don't know what I thought was so cool about it but it was cool so you started in like five gives a fifth or sixth grade but then later like in junior high or high school you started like forming rap groups with friends there there seems to be this like you just connect routine your interest as a a flute player and your interest in in rap music you don't hear a lot of flute and wrap you do you hear a lot of flu in rap and people keep saying that to me I'm like ya have yard to J. Dilla have you heard a metro Boomin like these producers use flew all the time like one of the biggest hits was mask off and it just had it the course was just a flute solo I think we don't see rappers play flute we hear it in we we don't sub consciously put two and two together I think it would have been way more it impacts what is the future actually playing the line on the flute the mask off but he wasn't I think that flew in hip hop or very sexy I think the flu in hip hop have gone together for a long time I think this is just the first time you actually see the art is actually playing the flute and there wasn't a disconnect you know growing up in Houston in and freestyle rap in was very first nature to me like that was what I wanted to do that's what you have to do is a rite of passage like I was very nerdy in the fact that I knew how to freestyle on the bus or freestyle in the cafeteria and bang on the desk just gave me a little get out of being a nerd free pass so I did it like everybody did it you know Houston I think is like the king and the queen of freestyle like that's the city the freestyle really found this way and I'm just lucky that I was a part of that while it was happening and also a classically trained flute player I think this is weird to everybody else but is now we are to me well how long was it into starter bring influence your flute two gigs well I will say that I was playing the flute in my rock band when I first started playing shows I play the flute and we got I got nominated for best alternative instrument in the Houston press awards for flu and I will put a little girl out just are playing the new freak out but I think it was more it made more sense to bring it out in a progressive rock band I didn't start bringing the fluid out in my rap career until at least from my solo career way later and I think it was like something that I did so for instance my first tape ever little bangers all of the flu on the album which there's a lot of flu samples I replayed because we couldn't clear the flute so I had to actually replace the flute on that on those songs so I've been playing flute former projects for ever but no one knew it was me until now so how serious were you about a career as a flutist flattest flowers I was flawed you know it's crazy how we send flowers and one day some think it's polluted from white shirt but I I was very very very serious I study flute I played it every night I when I was a senior in high school or junior I started studying with the principal flutist of the Houston opera and she was also a professor at the university of Houston so I was studying with Sydney Carlson for years and she was kind of like priming me to go to your fate she got me my scholarship to you of age and then when I was studying with her there she was setting me up to study at the Paris conservatory well and I was gonna study flew at the Paris conservatory and I was gonna really just you know wait in line for that first chair I saw a life of concert black and Boston pops and traveling the world and when that didn't pan out for me I was very depressed I was very sad and I don't really know what happened I think the pressure of those two worlds kind of got to me because I was waking up every morning at like six AM for marching band at U. of H. and then I would go to the go to the rehearsal hall and in our practice in this tiny room for hours and then at night I would stay up in rapid fashion shows and try to stay up to keep up with all the fraternities and sororities and that was really taking a toll on me and I was like who are you you know at this point you could you could you could do it all through high school but you're in college now you're about to be we are going to be for ever and now who is that so did you choose rap over over a classical career or was the choice made for you I chose rap how come because to me it was the most instantly gratifying I was I was in college for music performance degree but I was already performing and I thought might you know everyone thinks they know everything when their nineteen twenty I was like I'm already performing what do I need a music performance degree for am I just stopped my guest is rapper and singer Liz though her new album is called because I love you after we take a short break well listen to more of her music and just talk about meeting prince and the impact he had on her music and career I'm Terry gross and this is fresh AIR.

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