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It didn't stop interfering with his government. Bolzano flew to sao paulo in the afternoon. There he told supporters paulista avenue. That only god could remove him from power. There are only three options for me. He said jail death. Or victor and those scoundrels need to know that i will never be jailed. He said he of course Went full-fledged attack now and unless the supreme court the response to some sort of stronger fashion tomorrow. No soon you know. It's a pretty unpredictable situation. That's rafael yoris. Latin american professor at the university of denver. We have this eternal fifteen months to go to get to an election result which again he's absolutely explicit about not accepting defeat so again. I think things are are worse. There's any silver lying and there are more explicit right. Everything is really on open. There's no way anyone could say that you know we still trust the situations. He will not not out. His opponents also marched yesterday in cities across brazil demanding vaccines in his removal from office. Although these protests were smaller all signs seemed to point in the direction of a tumultuous year before the two thousand twenty two elections. And it's clear that even if both not a loses he will not go quietly for the world. I'm michael fox. Moving towards justice in france today the alleged perpetrators and accomplices of the two thousand. Fifteen paris attack on the on nightclub and other sites in the french capital are on trial. It is the big court case. in france. modern history. The attack left one hundred thirty people dead many more wounded and scores suffering from ptsd journalists. Rebecca rosman joins us now from paris. She's been following the proceedings as well as pretrial developments rebecca. Let's go back nearly six years ago. Us first of all what happened on that terrible night of november thirteenth. Two thousand fifteen. I remember that night really well. i remember. it was a friday night. They were lots of people out and at around nine pm. I would say. There were reports of gunfire outside several cafes in eastern paris some eleventh and tenth districts around the same time someone detonated an explosive device outside the national stadium during a soccer match which then president francois alone was attending. And finally you have the third and most devastating scene events at a concert hall called the Terrorists with assault rifles logged concert goers inside the hall for hours and they just started shooting essentially nine hundred and thirty people killed that evening. Were at the battle clone. And i just want to stress. These were really locals. Enjoying the start of the weekend and the terrorist goal was really to target this exact demographic walk us through some of the logistics of the trial. Now who's on trial. And what are they being charged with like. you said. it's the biggest trial in french. History and just mentioned special courtroom had to be built to accommodate the extremely high number of those participating in the trial. You have more than three hundred lawyers.

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