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To the upside with Jordan a dose of good news because it is a big world out there. Unfortunately, it's also a rather dirty world in some places, But people in Tennessee are doing their part to clean things up. They were all told to clean up. Our desks are sock drawers are e mail cache, but to keep the Tennessee River beautiful campaign started to clean up something a little bigger. The Tennessee River They let a cleanup in October, collecting £4800 of trash. And in the last couple of weeks, 25 volunteers over three days removed an additional £9000 of trash with the help of an aluminum work boat, literally dredging the mess up. Three river miles were adopted by volunteers who want to keep this work going in their plan is to collect £100,000 of trash from the river by the end of this year. This is a fine reminder that pitching in with your neighbors is always going to mean more success. Well done, Tennessee. And that's the upside with Jordan WBZ Boston's news radio. It's 11 a 26. Officials in a number of Cape Cod town say the Bay State's rollout of covert 19 vaccines has made it very challenging to get the shots. Velma's town manager Julian Suso, says the vaccine supply is low in the state is giving little notice and how much will be available and when for what he says, is now a confusing process over in Sandwich officials say the town could not commit to covert vaccine clinics for its more than 2000 residents over the age of 75. Fire chief John Burke says the state supply isn't nearly enough amount of vaccines and we've been told by the state we're going to receive per week is 100. At that rate, he says it would take years to vaccinate the entire town, talking a year and a half two years at that drip rate of vaccines to vaccinate that subset population. Those problems stretch across the Cape. As Barnstable County says. In addition to a low vaccine supply, their help line is still being flooded by senior citizens confused and had a book an appointment. Him done. WBZ Boston's news radio president, Joe Biden continues to push for passage of a $1.9 trillion covert 19 relief bill. That measure includes $160 billion for vaccinations and testing, along with ongoing health for small businesses. ABC News Senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce tells us what the president and his Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, think should happen next President Biden, they have to abandon his hopes for a bipartisan.

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