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Scott Goldberg moments ago at. The White House President Trump, held a ceremony honoring. Federal immigration agents America is a land of opportunity because we are a nation of laws for America to be. A strong nation we must have strong borders. More from, ABC's Karen Travers administration continues to face heavy criticism for its hardline policies at the US Mexico border court filing earlier this month from, the administration said several hundred children are still separated from their families and in the custody of ice Karen Travers. At the White House it is day, three of jury deliberations in the Paul Manafort tax evasion trial ABC's captain Faulders is outside the courthouse in Alexandria Virginia. And says when, the verdict comes, this is how it will happen that information is going to come running out on yellow legal pads no phones in the court no electronics so we could expect a verdict to come as soon as today but look the defense. They're feeling pretty good, about this Manafort could face life in prison. If he's, convicted the, Pentagon now says President Trump was. Not briefed by anyone at the department of defense. On the cost of his, now cancelled military parade. Couple of theories the president abruptly cancelled the November tenth parade by tweet either because he saw press reports that. The new estimate was ninety two million dollars. Or someone, on his staff learned of the cost estimate possibly through a DOD official and told the president the Pentagon now says the parade may, happen in two thousand nineteen Stephanie Ramos ABC news Washington six people are dead dozens Hurts after shootings this weekend in Chicago police, superintendent, Eddie Johnson, I share the anger, and frustration that many families are. Having today mainly because these are tragic senseless and cowardly Johnson says, the shootings were fueled by, gang violence. On Wall Street at the close the Dow is up eighty nine, points the, NASDAQ is..

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