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All activities that have reportedly led to virus transmission. Okay so to wrap it up here. Paying people without symptoms do spread the virus. It probably happens more with people who eventually get sick and have symptoms, and we don't know how much spread is coming from people that never get symptoms because those people are hard to study. And this is important. We know for sure that people who don't currently have symptoms of coronavirus can spend it, and it's actually a major difference between the current is that we have now and the corona virus that causes the SARS epidemic, which seemed through Asia in two thousand and three with SARS people really didn't transmit the virus until they were visibly sick or even a few days after so we were able to contain that coronavirus by findings, people and keeping them isolated from everyone else. With this corona virus by the time, someone knows they're sick with it. It's possible they've already given it to other people, but the good news. If there is some is that we have some pretty good tools at our disposal for dealing with it. Yes, absolutely, tell them to me paying. Yes, so this might not be brand new to anyone who's been listening, but it's hand washing its mask wearing. It's keeping distance from other people and also definitely definitely staying home when you're feeling unwell. Those are tools that actually work whether we're talking about a symptomatic or symptomatic transmission. You know paying I love that advice it straightforward. You don't have to understand the tiny nuances between pre-symptomatic and. In order to know what to do. and. I think that's what's been so frustrating with this whole scenario is the W. H. O. put out some very confusing messaging totally Mattie it was confusing, and some of that was you know unclear messaging from WHO and I would also say that some of it was the media to be able picked up a message without adding context and nuances that would help the public understand what they meant, and the language of us around Corona virus is really important. I mean even right now. Everyone's talking about the second wave of corona virus in the. The fall, which makes it seem like the first wave of coronavirus infections is over, and it is certainly not yes I mean outside of a few states cases never really went down like we are still in this steady state of infection, and I'm worried that people aren't really getting that message. Absolutely yeah, and it's even more reason to stay constantly vigilant and you gotta socially distance. You've gotTA. Wash your hands. You've got to wear a mask especially indoors because we know that people who seem totally fine, can still get each other sick. All right pig I appreciate you coming on the show. Thank you Maddie. It's great to be here. This episode was produced by Brent. bachman edited by Viet Lay in fact checked by Rebecca Ramirez. I mattie Safai, thanks for listening to shortwave from NPR..

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