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Them you can there's not a dry are that watch that think it's amazing and that video was shot months ago so he had his grandmother back he had his mom back he had a girlfriend who was just announced that she was expecting he had everything going for him i'm telling you that this is it i mean this is where the respect this is le bomb but this is so this is good there's going to be the next blockbuster i found it and seth real quick i found just when he had that batting as a dodgers japanese pitcher kenta maeda threw missed just ridiculous looking pages started the pine drop you can tell you love baseball because he just like couldn't believe it is you know what i did as a smolla space like what is that groundout go that the dugout with his maybe just cover show i think that space where the ball was i mean you rarely see you know love for baseball tonight players at times it's amazing in such a lot as we get older as we get yeah as we get older you know i always say that you know a lot of the guys you know when i was in my twenty five i was covering baseball a night a party with those guys i go out for beers and such and you know now min my forty so a lot of the young players today i don't necessarily relate to he was the kid he was the kid that i loved watching i'd love talking to i wish the i was living closer to be closer to him he was an amazing young man and i love that people are hearing the story actress which was under dearth different circumstances if only our ball inside a set that would appreciate your thoughts hasta sat time for the sport of baseball and people indeed step appreciate is always will talk next week you got to my pleasure guns and there's lots our thoughts on rates the incredible story that sadness of finding out from attacks from our own sean wants to mock yeah early sunday morning is it was early started early sunday morning yeah is when i got it i thought it was a fernandez next go deeper money to were dance what's been nbc sports radio way at the nbc sports radio app stats really rice the reviews rate the way the boston red signs wnba the fm the one this time we're doing twisting team his realizes he winning tuesday the holiday season is likely due teams like realized genius refreshingly on tuesday this isn't how does not what the boots that meeting of the ran a quick fire questions we whoever gets.

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