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Philip rivers went to coach high school football. And it's team kicked ass for nine to nothing. They're going to be good. I got news for you. I i would wanna play steam. But as someone who's the last level of football i played was in high school. So my fondest memories were grown up my france you get to play. High school. football with people grew up with if you lived in the same city for twelve fifteen years. And it's truly special time and my high school coach was a joke. Can you imagine playing for. Philip rivers the impact that he's going to have ever given year fifty sixty seventy young guys and i don't think enough of these guys. And he's the highest end because he's so famous but right down the street from me. Cj anderson who the starting running back for the denver broncos and when they won the super bowl is coaching monta vista high school. And these a bunch of guys. When i worked at fresno state coach the impact. These people have in high school. Football is truly incredible but with the guy with that much wealth and that many options life. Clearly it's not about the money in philip. Always talk like that like. It's this isn't about the money he plays for the love of the game but to me. His actions show like hit cruelly was not bullshitting to go do that. And the impact. He's going to have and how much fun it's gonna be like it just something that it's hard if you google some of the clips of him calling audibles on the sideline of sending in the punt team of him. Just coaching guys practice the pure joy. He has all these kids. I think back in my own life. How impressionable. I wasn't fifteen. Sixteen seventeen years old. These guys bright eyed bushy tails just watching rivers. Run the offense while these kids. They're running passing drill. It just was kind of pure and in a day and age when the league has never made more money and we always talk about. Who's getting the bag and listen. I i'm just as guilty. Always thinking about. Like how can i. What can i do. What money can i make. What investment sometimes you got be real kind of like a piece of shit have impacted and i'm not a dad yet so i don't get to impact anyone and you see something like that. It just it makes you feel good so sometimes negative stuff going on in social media. Everyone's that's bad person. There are a lot of good people out there. And philip rivers got to be high on that list. Okay.

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