Vikings, Alvin Cook, Rudolf discussed on GSMC Fantasy Football Podcast


Oh back to the mc fantasy football podcast and the i mean we kind of went through my opinions on different ways you get through your fancy draft coming up in the fall now we're going to be going over some of our favorite running backs and those looking to have a comeback season this coming season i mean those who are maybe coming back off injury or those who didn't kind of pop the way we want them to pop last year i mean we have obviously a rookie who didn't really get to see that much dalvand cook i think he's going to be a great little talent because i mean coming out of the four state he he's explosive i mean initially with that especially with that vikings offense i've offense is pretty dynamic i mean you like the fact couth kirk cousins now and then you got the kind of tool head quarterbacks i mean do running backs now with with latavius mary and with with alvin cook you gotta like the fact that i mean drafting jaffe vikings are going to be pretty fun this year you got you got obviously stuff on digs and and they're big tide engines and rudolf that's tied in go by last segment that's titan to bic early i like rudolph he gets in the end zone but he's going to be said you blanket for kirk cousins specially in his first season with the vikings civil there just route akal rudolph for the vikings is gonna be a nice it'd be a nice little pickup i might think about him for my draft kind of mark that down the middle memory bank they're coming around for the draft way and i think like four or five months away.

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