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By the name of Phil presi. Phil presi played multiple seasons with the Boston Celtics and then went on to play with the Philadelphia seventy Sixers. And he played professionally in Barcelona, which is one step underneath the NBA in recently, my good friend, Phil presi gonna call up for the Oklahoma City thunder, and they said they would like for him to try out for their team and to compete for a roster spot during this year's summer league in Las Vegas, Nevada. So now then you further do. My interview with NBA player and aspiring member of the Oklahoma City thunder. Phil presi. Surprisingly funny who somebody that's just in the locker room is funny. Maybe they say funny stuff on the court. They're just kind of a funny, trash talker. They're hilarious. I mean, who's the most aggressive and who's the funniest. I mean, the most aggressive and I've seen my second year with the Celtics who had to be when we played. I on the playoffs against the Cleveland Cavaliers on the Brahm on there. He was, you know, on the I saw some amazing things watching him play plan against them. It was. It was amazing. And that kind of this show like, you know, the the level of talent there is an MBA. You know, you're not just him, but you can go across the board one. The funniest guys probably be Gerald, Wallis. Now's my rookie year in Boston. He was pretty, he's from Alabama. He had a lot yet. He was, yeah, he his comedy that he brought in everything day. It wasn't like he was trying to be funny, but it would just this would so now Gerald, Wallis. Those people don't know. Wallace was a rebounding machine was early in his career. I mean, he was a rebounding that she made it. He made a lot of money me about. He made a RAB money. Into my next question for you, as we've talked about a money now, NBA salaries and you've played professionally last year in Barcelona. People who don't understand bar. So the Barcelona league is the second best league in the world. If you think about objectively, would you not? Would you not agree with that filming bar? The Barcelona league is the second best league in the world. Exactly. Yeah. Okay. Agree with that. So talk to me about money and a RAB money and make an NBA money when you're making money, and I won't ask you how much you're making show..

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