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And then with football with the combine I don't know how much time you spent on that class week. I can't spend any time. I find that combine to be ridiculous. I mean, a real so there's a couple of people that'll put major stock into it and in GM's guys shoot up boards. Whatever I think most guys all lean on the Dave Gettleman theory of of checking out the tape. Quotes that come out of it or somewhat interesting. So have there's one team that Kyle Murray say that he would love the play for one team was the giants any would love to play for the giants. And of all the teams now apparently the cardinals are seriously thinking about drafting, I'm number one overall with Kingsbury. But that's something isn't that the report to that? I guess he's telling people privately that that's what they're going to do with the number one pick. And I guess they trade Rosen, I suppose that could be posturing to right, if he's telling people, then guess, then people say, oh, well, I really want you're going to take them. Well, let's blow away. What's your offer? Yeah. It'd be something like that. Now, I still don't think the Dave Gettleman would take collar Murray. I just for some reason I picture Gettleman going for the bigger quarterback someone who's going to stay in the pocket seems more traditional. Yeah. And Dwayne Haskins is more of that guy. So I see him leaning towards that. But that would be very very exciting. That's what I would be rooting for. If I were giant's fan of Kiowa Murray. Just because I think it would be exceptionally exciting. It's still have questions, obviously, the guy I guess he was measured at five ten so he's not five five ten in eighth five eighth. So it's something to pay attention to. And if they if they end up not drafting a quarterback this year, then just like, well, the only way I think they don't draft a quarterback in the first round is if someone teams move up ahead of them to get who they want meaning Haskins Murray has skins even he I think has had quotes about the giants. You'll seems like it would be a very good fit boomers been talking about Haskins for two months now, I would say maybe even longer than that in terms of being the next giant quarterback. So we will see it looks like both would love to come here and play for the giants. But now is the tricky time, you know, who's going to maneuver themselves position themselves to move up and get these guys ahead of teams that need quarterbacks. And do the giants where there or do? They try to move up a spot or two to ensure that they get the guy that they want if indeed they want one of these two guys, that's the thing. We don't know, you know, get them. And I don't know what the guys thinking. I really don't. I mean, we had the whole thing last week. Luckily, you were not here for that. Which was good. And I was glad boomer wasn't here for that. But I don't know. I don't know what they're thinking. I don't know what direction they go into they draft defensive player. We'll find out. I think the quarterbacks the right thing to do. But we'll see what they do at the spot. And we got NFL free agency coming up in just a couple of weeks. So we'll be able to that stupid little tampering period where people signed guys without really supposed to sign guys. And did you see the Antonio Brown's sit down? Yes, I. Lebron one of the Jeff Darlington. Jeff Darlington ones. The LeBron when he was funny, though, did you I did not see that one. But he was LeBron sedan was at the show. I forgot. That's where he really letting loose. I did not really letting I thought he let loose with Darlington. What he said about that interception in Denver. Yeah. He he said that. Well, Ben, see I can't say exactly right. But he said Ben told me that I run a better route man u s to a blanket defensive. I was I I'm not a fan of Antonio Brown's behavior lately. But that cracked me up and all the guys are just falling over land through that blank to a blanket. Yeah. Very very strange and then the Darlington. One just added to it house, by the way is eighteen thousand square feet. They showed a couple of rooms in the house. And it was I forget how Darlington put it. But it was something along the lines of he doesn't have this home to throw it in your face. In more represents the Klein that he has had from the twenty five miles south of where he grew up in a very tough neighborhood, Brian. So that reminds him how he's gotten to where he is and sure still going to go because if there's a guy that's grounded its Antonio Brown. Right. I don't know that he's grabbing. I mean, this is a guy who really always thinks about where he came. And we get into later the quotes about Tomlin to in the week. Seventeen thing are interesting. Yeah. Yeah. He he also addressed that in LeBron do about told him to just basically, go home. Yeah. Now, I don't believe. I don't either. I I mean who's someone's lying here? Yeah. I know. I would tend to think of believe Mike Tomlin. I would I don't know. And that Kevin Colbert the GM. That that line is going to haunt him forever. The fifty two kids to kids. Yeah. And Antonio Brown's right about that. I agree with them. It basically cemented point. Yes. Almost as if Kevin Colbert was working for Antonio Bryant. He basically tells Darlington. Now, you see why I feel the way I feel exactly all right is boomer and geo on the family Jerry in four boomer this morning. Just getting started have you broken any twenty nine thousand nine resolutions yet? We gotta get new copier. It's March or any what he's New Year's resolutions anymore. Are we? We are we still don't.

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