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Nothing in my life that will remove stress quicker more quickly than Enya and her flow from our nocco is the Arbor nocco flow just play a little bit further. But he lives in a car right now. Only thing. Whatever words you want. No. Cartoon I make up. My own words. Everybody makes up their own. That reminds me of being in the endangered species store in the mall looking at life that story. Astronaut ice cream listening to Enya picking out rocks chimpanzee books. Yup. Is good memories? Guys. Thanks for taking me back to that place. You know, what it's better than being out in the snow? Colleen says crew come to the memory of the endangered. Still around. There. Agra's? The store is extinct. Global climate change store. I mean. Because because you know, endangered species was kind of like the global climate change of the of ninety nineties, right? Right. Like all mourning the loss of like, Wales and polar. You could get a nice big print of the Wales, and they would pay every once in a while like the wolf would come back come back from extinction. And we'd be like, oh, there's hope for us put it on. Now. It's like no you want straws. Good news. You can't have. Civilization and straws. So I been any that music again because I'm starting to feel the stress.

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