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Would he be a good fit. With a better quarterback in work with derek carr because henry rugs i mean allegedly was getting under people open was threatening the defense etc etc was not producing though. But this is why we have you beyond the box score. What did you think of henry rugs. Rookie year. yeah henry rugs lined up all over the place. Like you said was apparently doing some good stuff. Decoy wise. Who knows how much of that is really true. I mean you can watch like you. Watch these other raiders. Receivers like i think nelson aguilar's getting self open. You know. I'm sure there's a little pop gun passes to the dan waller that defenses accounting for heavy rugs all this stuff but yeah i think that in an ideal world henry rugs like from a reception perception standpoint profiles pretty similarly to like a poor man's brandin cooks but as you mentioned. I don't know that this is the quarterback offense to do that with. I definitely would love to see can rugs best route is the deep post which i think is brandon cooks best route again pretty similar players. Those two guys from like pure talent perspective like i don't know that i ever see henry rugs being a future number one receiver I like john brown along in this offense. You know if he can stay healthy i would. I would bet then who knows. News against alabama. If both of these guys play seventeen games i would bet that brown had rugs okay that would also break the age model but okay here we are. Yes that is. That is an age model problem for sure. But i think like i said i think henry rugs could be a good like poor. Man's brandin cooks players. No real shot on henry rugs. I'm just i've long long long. Been a big john. Brown guy would love to see him. Give one last run here all right. Last guy we're to talk about here is one of my personal favorites because in the twenty nine thousand nine preseason jacoby myers was going absolutely ham. Jacoby myers was. I mean to say he was like the mvp of the twenty nine hundred understatement he absolutely dominated and then i was thrilled to him. Get a chance in the regular season and played really well. Jacoby myers did in the regular season. That said this patriots offense. I think is gonna be boring again. Kind of like how i think the saints are going to play kind of boring again without michael thomas. And so i'm not too much myers. And his eighty come up a lot lately but you know. He was very affordable for a while. There like around fourteen fifteen. Kobe myers you definitely printing there for a while. I think that you're hiring. Jacoby myers as a player shot up the team. Preseason what do you think about jacoby yes. Chattanooga team preseason. I really liked to kobe. Myers as a player would surprise me. Zero percentage most productive receiver in new england. This year. for what that's worth right. Because i i could not care less about the contracts that they gave nelson galore and kendrick born like this team had money to burn and they absolutely need warm bodies in the receiver room and like nelson. Aguilar is not great but he was a really good vertical research. I think jon gruden kept testament to jon gruden unlocked. You know nelson agla as more vertical player than what the eagles state is a little pot gun slot. Guy got the best out of him. I think that'd be a great role for him to play a new england but he's like a fine starting nfl receiver. I think jacoby myers is the more unknown guy here. His profile is going to be up on reception. Perception dot com. Little little teaser. They are hopefully by the middle of next week. If not early next week. I think people are going to be excited. I think he's good is a really good like player. It's just you know. How much is this offense going to be worth for fantasy. When they did did invest into tight ends. And i believe that says a lot about their intent with those two guys with the receiver room though they could be still perfectly high on jacoby myers and go spend that money on those other players. I it doesn't really bother me too much. I love drafting in where he was going like. A you know a month or so ago. That was just like yeah again auto. Select there. Because i do. I'm very very high on the player. Sure love it team will see who emerges to be on my coveted. I'm this is what these guys live for. Who will be on atom levitan. First team all preseason this year. We'll see how it is started with hall of fame game on thursday very excited for that art matt. You said law appreciate you being here. Tell people where they can find you on the social media machines. Yeah you can find me on twitter at matt harm and underscore. Bu ib if.

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