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Jalen zubin join us on the goodyear hotline mark. Herzlich jason fitz. We're in for the guys. And you know i said it earlier mark. There's something special for me as a kid waking up on new year's day no one. You're going to watch all the bowl games and you're see these match ups that you never saw for all the conversation about expansion or bowl games or whatever could happen and how the future could look what we know right now at some point is you gotta look at it and say we've got incredible football games today between four of the biggest brands at the very least in college football that should give us to. It will give us to epic opportunities to find out who the best team is. I just get excited for this moment for college. Football because everything we've watched. Let's be real at times in two thousand twenty. We weren't sure we were going to get college. Football college football and to get to this point. There has to be some sense of what a beautiful accomplishment was for so many people to even get the games played to the point that today we will find out who's playing for the national championship. Or you're you're waking up on new year's day and i'd be curious to know at what age were you where you thought it was more important to go to bed early on new year's eve so you could have a full day of watching college football on new year's day verse vice versa. Right in my twenty s. Maybe it was like. Let's stay up for new years then it was like. Let me go to bed early. So i can watch the full day of football and that's where i'm at now. It's like it's like christmas morning for thirty plus year olds new year's day. You're not wrong. I mean everything you're saying makes and i'll be the first to admit to new year's eve was weird for me because so much of my life used to be a music most of the time you're working on new year's eve so the amount time that special like we're going to stay up for most of my life it was like stay up and try and get paid and then you know go to bed and wake up. Been watchful paul. So maybe that's why there is so much magic for new year's day now again. The college football playoff is on. Espn espn radio. Coverage begins have been telling you the wrong time so let me get it right here. Coverage begins on. Espn radio at eleven. Thirty am eastern and you can kick off your day.

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