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Across the university and i have the great privilege of moving across the university meeting people and i know that one could never say that there was one constellation of agreement on anything a frankly in this whole situation but having said that i will say that i think that it is in fact this question about the role of universities and who students are that has come to the fore and is the uniting factor it's true the government often appetizers this interest in treating universities as businesses student says consumers and so that comes thick and fast it's also true though there's a lot of university manages we would you say it and just the other day we had the muscle group tweeting from its twitter account the if you go to university you have a sound of thousand pounds more than anyone else and the protocols of the crisis wasn't anything the government did it was universities uk moving to downgrade stall pensions so part of the problem suddenly government but a big part of the problem is the university managers absorbing a lot of this kind of government audiology the finish of league tables all these different ways in which we compete against one another and that's a big part of the problem and i think you get less oxygen cambridge for historic reasons but it's a massive problem in wider sector i agree actually i think that there has been an assimilation of this rhetoric within the university sector i want to vo go back to my earlier assertion i think a large part of this comes from driving forces that the government has created with seeming public support over a long period of time or at least no public reaction i think it's actually now time to be a public reaction i would only say on the pension issue itself we do have to remember that this wasn't actually created by uk it was created by the pension regulator and the trustees declaring that in fact the pension was not going to be.

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