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Rory mcilroy this guy is from northern island of course one at Royal Liverpool which is an England in two thousand, fourteen so for, him there's a, lot of good memories about the open championship including where, he's from of course and he recognizes that this could, be the toughest field in an open of all time one. Hundred and fifty six guys in the field and you know there's there's probably over half of them that have a realistic chance of winning this. Golf tournament so. And look I didn't. Play in the previous areas eras but I don't think. It was that many I don't think there was as many as, half the field that had a realistic chance to win so Rory mcilroy. Obviously would be thrilled to win the open because of. What it means To him because of what it means in this country and in Great Britain To have a second one that's rarified territory right there Early on through. Ten thirteen holes not through ten rounds through ten holes Eric fan ruin, is at minus three and he's got the early lead but so far that's the the only guy who Is that low under par couple of guys at minus two and, then Phil, Mickelson did he just bogey because it. Looks like you dropped back to find him I wonder if he hit, another ball when it was moving on the green Don't you worry I'm going to find him. It's. After hours here on CBS sports radio sometimes you've ever. Tried scrolling through the leader board and the..

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