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To have the delight of reading another winner from newstalk eleven thirty w i s and how many have we had scott i think we've only had one in this contest cycle to all right to all right at least we have had two we need three i want like fifteen that's what i want but anyway maybe you're going to be a winner number three here so good luck to you but you gotta play to even have a chance to win so here's what's coming up on the program we'll we'll have a senator leia book mirror on the show she got the endorsement at convention pretty overwhelming endorsement at republican convention this weekend in the us senate race so we'll talk about we'll talk with lia also about that race scott walker ruffled some feathers over the weekend as well after being asked about what to do with the entrenched failure of the milwaukee school system floating the idea that maybe it's time to break this system up yeah maybe it is time to break this system up but he didn't commit to it he just suggested that it might be time to think about a different model for m p s i know why your hair on fire of course that means scott walker wants to got education doesn't care about children but we'll talk about that plus with a brand new study that was released that last week on the overall contribution of the american educational system to america.

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