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Should even moody was when he came in here. He says he turned it around fast today. Yeah. He did. You did you turn it around fast. I think I'm progressing in my ability to deal with my own flaws. It's almost like I think he's almost ready to hear about the other thing, which I. What the hell from? We don't need to talk about it on the air. But the people players club video people know that there was a mix up with the video and. I just wanted to that. We said I made a mistake this onto different videos. Yeah, November when he when he when I fixed it this morning. And then you went in and changed it, and then I had to fix it again. Oh, you mean the thing I posted it was wrong. Yeah. Lot of drama here. Guys, very case. Sorry, sorry. It's okay. It's over the busy Philip show. She to bubbly. No. We don't have a great deal of drama. You guys do an odd Sunday through Wednesday schedule. Why is that happening walk me through? I think it's because it's shifts us out of the same week that everyone else is having. I think sort of the point of the show is to give you like a nice little treat as you're settling down for the evening and Sunday night is a stressful time for people. So to have like a a little half hour to fight off the Sunday scary. So you can have a nice Monday morning was kind of the idea and Also Sunday nights a big night on E. So that isn't hurt. Yeah. The kardashians. Are I don't keep our? Oh, wait a second shot. Yeah. I don't I don't know. How you did that I'm impressed. Yes. So I think that's that's that. You know, there was. I don't know why four nights a week most of five, but you know, just we just wanna make your show as much as they'll let us at Sunday idea. Yeah. Nice. I like the frizz Sunday scary. I do too. Yeah. Did you have that? When your kids scary. Oh, my God hitting you're vomiting or whatever never physically sick. But I just had just the deep just sunk into a depression having like thinking about oh, I haven't done my homework yet. Oh, I have to go school tomorrow. Like the all that that feeling of like a it's not here yet. But it's coming let me so I can't even enjoy this never goes away then into delta, right? So. Yeah. So it just like a little treat to like have Margarita. Let's speak fee and socialize with celebrities and make fun of chickens. I don't know we just you know, we're just trying to have a good time. And you are getting some great guests. I mean Julia Roberts, which is arguably one of the biggest movie stars of our lifetime. Yes. And she's a big fan of busies. They're like. Met each other on Instagram or whatever. So. Yes. So it was very fun. And she just really came like ready to play into goof off, which I love. Yeah. And yet, and she was so nice and just hung out. She wasn't. Yeah. Just met. Everyone was super cool and put everyone at ease. But yeah, we've had some really good guests, Kristen bell. She's delightful in the extreme. Yes. So and this week we're having shows that are all the guests are all busies friends for like a Friendsgiving week. So you already pre-tape all the already taped the last night. Lauren Graham, aired from Gilmore girls and parenthood and tonight is like Barron Hilton. It's a really really funny show. So I I'm excited for people to watch it because he's like adorable. I'd never met him before he is another person like you who's friends with everyone that I'm friends with. But I'd never met him. And I was walking by and he grabbed my arm, and he was like Casey, it's me. Barron holtz. And then I was just like, oh, hey mates donates to meet you. And he was like, I know you from from Instagram. That was really cute and sweet. And he just really brought it and was a super super funny guest and cooked a recipe a secret recipe for us, and well, I'll let you watch it. I'll let you watch all three acts of it tonight. Wow. It's worth it. It's twenty two minutes. I what I watched. I enjoyed. Here's here's the truth about the matter. I was watching it..

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