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WTVN, Alison, Wyant Columbus, police, are, hoping the, public can help them track down a suspect or the suspects who are linked to a shooting. Last weekend near wine Lynn park police say it happened a little? Before ten pm on Saturday August eleventh? On summit street or two children? Who, were between five and ten years old were. Injured witnesses. Say, at least twenty shots were fired at a party that involved as many as two hundred people no suspects were immediately arrested following that shooting Ohio. Is seeing an uptick in the number of construction, jobs over, the past, year Ohio is among twenty nine states adding construction jobs for the past. Year associated general contractors says twenty two hundred new construction jobs. Kept men and women working in Ohio during that, time construction lobby says the type of work reached a record high for three states Massachusetts Oregon and Texas Missouri Oklahoma South Carolina Kentucky and New Jersey where the only five states in the union. To see construction trades shrink During that twelve, month, period contractors, group. Says there. Is a worker shortage across the country right now Jared Allen NewsRadio six ten WTVN researchers at Ohio State are working on a collaborative research, program that puts human drugs to work on animals Dr Laura Dunbar with, OSU's veterinary. Medicine says a horse named Bob has been getting a drug that is used in treating a, type of blood cancer that is common in humans but rare in horses right now Bob is on. Systemically pretty well on and. Doesn't show many, systemic signs of his disease so our our hope is that we can potentially prolong, his his lifetime and prolong his quality of life so right now he's doing quite well let me just want to keep it that way she says alternately their goal. Is to work, at speeding up the pace of research and treatments for cancers that occur in, both, humans, and in, animals, the, window is, opened for county election boards to begin the official count in Ohio's deadlocked his special congressional election Republican secretary of State. John Huston said yesterday was the first day that official canvassing can begin and the formal tally must. Be, wrapped up by, August twenty four th the August seven contest between Republican state Senator Troy Balderstone of zanesville and democrat Danny O'Connor who. Is the Franklin county recorder remains too close to call for your ABC six first warning weather forecast sunshine today with a high of eighty three I'm Alison Wyant more news at, the bottom of the hour and, on demand at six ten WTVN dot com get out to Bunsen Bruce.

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