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To where they stand right now. Puck about to drop on period number three there again, John and Troy all right? Thank you very much votes underway here in the third period. Dallas three and the hawks to the hawks control off the draw prince taper passing Chula stars line left wing. Put it down the left wing corner. Hey skin and send it back up the right boards to call her constantly on Oprah center ice over the hawk line right wing cuts back across the slot to the left circle point. Spins it down behind the net. Radic FOX battling back there. Duck. And Keith took the puck away passes up the left wing could Julen out center ice deal. Only caught a high tech from Roman Polak neither referee thought could you'll goes down as he dumped the bucket of a star zone. He'll ahead of the hawks bench. Meanwhile, the play comes back up by the Hawk's zone. Ropy heads put it into the near corner hawk zone. Forsling tried to clear it out swept away by Radloff and down behind the net. Urfi got there was hit by Radulovich. Put a pass up the right wing Dylan's occur center ice quick pass. Anisimov over the stars wind down the right wing sharp angle shot sales over the net around it goes to the left point forsling. They're put it down to the left corner. Villains occur. He'll wind it back in behind the net. Anisimov got it rotates and Senate in front of the net, and it's kipah late in the near boards kept alive by Saad. The left point four link puts it down behind the stars net. Anisimov took it there. Then it back down the boards and ends up in behind the scars hints checks Sikora and Greenberg took the puck and set it off the left boards into the hawk zone. Guston got the puck their head to keep up wing center ice, he'll wind it ahead for Strom. And it's over stick and down. They're going to wait the icing strong got the puck back behind the Dallas net early up the far side Ritchie ahead. The Mark Dallas wine at the center ice plane Berg over the hawk line, right wing side. He floats toward the net. It deflects over top Monette up off the glass Cahoon along the right boards hands it through a head for Strom at center ice. But he was beaten to the puck along the near boards by Klingberg pin it down in behind the hawk net or put it away up the near side that it bring it. Returns the puck to Keith now behind the hawk net. He'll stop and take a quick look stars and hawks making line changes here. Move it over to the right lane gorge Guston. That's the puck back across the ice. Keith at center ice who shot it ahead to flex off the stick of FOX onto the stick of coamo down the left wing of the hawk zone. Me snapped off a shot at deflect it up off the glass behind that. Here's Hayden with the puck just outside the hawk blue line at center ice sends it back into the hawk zone. Dacosta San over to Keith hawk line left wing. He shot at ahead for Hayden at center ice that pass hit him in the back of the skate and ends up back in the hawk zone. Here's gusts us. And with it just inside the hawk line, right way. You said it had for Hayden at the stars wind on the right wing side. He deflects the puck down in behind the net. Played around by love joy over to hasten who clears to center ice hawks. Chris Kunitz took it away. Spins it back into the hawk zone over to Seabrook. Then back over to Kuku on the left wing at center ice. He'll flip it down into the stars. We get a late whistle for icing. Call against the hawks face off comes down circle award. Wow. Blackhawks again regrouping regrouping Dallas just defending in the neutral zone on a space for the Blackhawks to train getting generated in that neutral zone. That you're gonna have to play a little chip and chase here in this third period. Dallas defending not putting a lot of offensive push on here got to manage the park role. They'll you know, they'll counter attack when they have opportunity Dave Windsor on in behind the hawk net. Cuckoo hands the puck over to Seabrook. Tried to clear it out.

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