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Five minutes left of the movie after that because they go to japan after oh yeah always as extra stuff right after so bad boys two baby babbel's to right but the thing that was so the thing that was so mad at i remember i saw this movie in theaters too and i remember thinking oh my goodness i'm so excited to see pearl harbor you know it's like a huge epic world war movie you know ben affleck josh hartnett was like it was like oh yeah they're they're cool but cuba gooding junior's in it and he plays a cook who becomes a hero and he gets on a gun and you know that was in a trailer we like he's on this gun shooting at planes and then i saw the movie and he's in maybe forty minutes of this three hour movie maybe made you're being kind i'm think i'm being kind you being very nice like actual screen time probably like a minute to minute area code and the heroine moment that we see in the trailer is like the only thing that happens and he likes shoots down one plane because realize each i don't wanna need died like yeah he died but also like but we didn't we didn't know anything about he was yeah you would think three are movie you can talk about something other than been athletes and his love problems anyway so so he's in it now that movie it was a financial success to some degree it wasn't like a huge one hundred ninety eight million in in america and then like another two hundred million so it was like four hundred and something world wow was it yeah how doing a really bad joke alone japan we had to do their glee that alot.

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