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Was the cool car for two minutes in the early two thousands this is monique marvez on kfi am six forty kerio mills malls that evacuated after someone apparently ran into one of the shops and set everybody run police say they're trying to figure out if there was gunfire inside the mall now they have confirmed there was no active shooting situation at the kerio mills mall video from the scene shows people calmly leaving to the various exits at the mall very heavy police presence as you might imagine there's a report of a possible robbery or someone with a leg injury that may have happened when people started to run for the exits apparently this all started as a group fight inside the mall hundred homes and buildings have been destroyed by a one hundred acre fire near galena in santa barbara county at fire is eighty percent contained now patty driscoll says gaslines near her home or exploding at one point that firefighters saved her house house across the street from us burnt to the ground but they were able to keep our house from burning not even the tree got burned governor brown has declared a state of emergency for santa barbara county people in the hills above burbank have been given the allclear evacuation orders lifted now because of a forty five acre brushfire that started along wildwood canyon road about one this afternoon it set up a big plume of smoke above the verduga mountains for time a woman in tennessee has found dozens of multilegged roommates who don't pay rent angela wright was bitten by a recluse spider in her apartment unable to walk in hallucinating she was rushed to the hospital brown recluse spiders are venomous bite can cause fever rash chills and nausea among other side effects after the er the woman went back to her apartment where she found even more creepy crawlers she says they were everywhere in her bed on the ceiling and even in her shoe she found fifty of them she called an exterminator due to the infestation right says she hopes to break her lease julius later kfi news a man found dead inside a home in sherman oaks after an eleven hour standoff with police was a former ucla an nba player family members sale is tyler honeycutt hold himself up in the house lapd sergeant hector guzman says it started last night on tyrone avenue officers assigned to division responded and made contact with a suspect a male in his twenties inside of a residence as officers were communicating with that suspect a nassir involved shooting occurred police went home at around four o'clock this morning that's when they said they found honeycutt dead inside no officers were hurt officials say hanukkah died of a self inflicted gunshot traffic from your helpful socal honda traffic.

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