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That he's a longtime listener and been a home servers. Show Home Gadget Geek support for time. Jim has done a lot of traveling. We're GONNA talk a little bit about that. Tonight joins some travel tips as well. You guys know I'm going to London and so it's been kind of a travel fast a little bit. We've been talking about it but Jim put together some Experiences around flight had flights in electronic entertainment money and packing and photos and data and power. We're going to talk about some of those tonight. Posted out there at the average Guy Dot TV. Don't nope a link in the show notes as well. Jim Thanks for sending. That is actually an excerpt of a bigger post. That I'M GONNA post I don't know a couple. Maybe when I get back from London in and take a look at it Jim. I appreciate you doing that if you have something you WanNa post which maybe don't want to write it Semi some notes sunny something and we'll work on it. It's Jim At the average Guy Dot TV. May We get a post up for you. That can stuff a super helpful and don't forget we don't just post the podcast there. There are articles there from time to time is introduced him a little bit earlier. dwayne Robinson is back with us in Dwayne. I think you're eight appearance here. I think currently the record holder at this point at ten. You get a t shirt by the way really saying I think this is a well. I Hey look we're keeping it alive. You guys remember what we talked about. Last time we broke it last time but then we brought it back though. It's only in podcast the end in four. And you know I. I didn't even plan that this time. I'm either it just I contacted you and said Hey. Can you come and you checked it some dates and we had no I had no idea But so get so the the streak while sort of we we're I we can't well. We're there were two to sixty six to seventy three to ninety four three forty four three fifty four three seventy four three ninety one on twenty four one one of these things. It's not like the other Mike. How did you let me get three ninety? One in there and not been three ninety four-man it should have been blamed on. He's the he's the podcast lawyer. That's the one that's on me. I'm not gonNA proofreading as loss. We regard give you one job complaint. Yeah give failed how you been busy busy busy busy. You've been traveling all over for sure what Give me one. Quick travel highlight like in the last. Let's see last time. We saw you three ninety one so that was twenty-five shows ago there's a while what give you one highlight like what what's been something cool. It doesn't have to be work related but in your travels what's been when cool thing you've seen but but I guess we were talking earlier. This was my second October fest in Munich. Which is pretty awesome? And then I think going when I I went to Shanghai China and got to stay in the West in there. I know this is gonNA sound funny but the toilet they had one of those like crazy like super automated light with a remote control. Toilet thing that you would walk in the middle of the night with a night light and he would automatically open. It was the craziest thing I really in in. That room has walls that you had hit a button and they would go transparent parents and stuff and so. This is a really really neat. I don't think I necessarily necessarily want to go back to the hotel room was amazing. Hotel Room is amazing. China's struggle right now. I'm hearing that from a lot of Americans and such coming in and and out of there so but there's some cool technology in October fest would be an awesome experience. I never in the two octobers for you too. I think I was there in Germany for two octobers. I never made it down there for October fest and it really wish I had. So here's an interesting too that in October fest isn't typically clearly a majority of it is not nocco most of its in September most of us in September because they moved it forward to get better weather But Hey if you're going to London you can get on. GW are trained and head out and on. That train will take you into bath. And I did go go to bath. Which Botha's like the Roman baths and stuff you and all and it has a really cool abby and all their it's a Great little place to visit my. My boss lives right down from that which I don't know Jim. If the last time I was on the show now I am. I am a program manager for microscope product. Now a little bit about that. Give me give us a quick run down what you're currently doing for Microsoft. Whatever you can tell us and the cool thing is just got back from McKnight so now ignite if anybody were to ever see me in person you can come come out to one of the major Microsoft Events Journalism working those events now over in the BOT framework area so ion basically ah the product that I work on is our white labeled virtual assistant and what we basically did? Is We a lot of people. We kept wanting to build their own Cortana there on a word the lady as we are Our lady a in the back over here And so or even your on g assistant or whatever I WANNA say but the point is is that if you want to build like some really unique experiences that are specific for several different things. Like if you were company that had hotel's properties and and you wanted to be able to say hey assistant I need new towels. Are I wanNA order room service or something like that. Then you really aren't GonNa want to use a commodity assistant to do that or if you're in a BMW NEWSDAY HEY BMW for example which is one of the things that this public that we've been working on We basically build a open source platform for you to go do that on top about framework and language understanding and and so you can do full natural language understanding and I think the new cool things are and I put links in the show notes For this if people are interested you can go and and you can download for. It's open source it's free you can go get a hold of it In twenty minutes of your own white labeled virtual assistant. Yep that's Actually yeah there you go. Thanks for and then The thing we showcase that went public preview at ignite that everyone was really excited. About how so imagine this is your white label virtual assistant. We made like some skills for you so that you can get a hold of those and those are open sources horses well but then what we what we really started showcasing as the new tool called framework composer and bought framework composer is a visual designer. Her that builds the C.. Sharp Code and everything for you so that you can build your own skills in your on dialogues and the cool thing is if you build it on our our stuff We have adopters that. Lets you plug it into lady and to Google assisted or into Cortana or into slack or into whatever it's like I think it's somewhere like over fifty different places that you can plug these things into and even in our get hub repository. We built say An open source android application that you can compile put it on your phone and then pointed at your your implementation and you can you have your own assistant naked. Even take over his default assistant on the device. I'm going to be adding keyword spotting so you can say hey gem and talk to I The freakiness thing that I got to see. We have this technology called neural. T T s you ever heard of this thing so you can't get a hold old of it per se to do your own voice font you can get a hold of it in news. One of our existing voices is but we offer the ability to go to one of our recording studios in record. You're on what we call voice fine and and it's scary because we've it's to a point where deep faking is really real you record yourself and you do do it and we can make you sound just like you're you can't tell the difference and the guy who owns a piece is names Heiko and he's from chart well. He's German from Germany historically but has been in the US for a very long time. He's got a bit of a German accent and he went. When did this and recorded this thing? And we had the white label assistant running on a commodity speaker that looks a lot like the word speakers speakers and he was like Joe Heiko and it comes back and starts talking just like him and like freak me out. I think that's the the one thing that really freaked me out when I went lately to anything it because it was scary that it sounded just like him in deep. Faking right take all that. Yeah Yeah Yeah. And the reason they don't make it public is we. Were trying to be like you is a bit of an ethical thing. Yeah you don't Juggling ethical thing because we can record like we took all the master chief voices that recordings that we can find on youtube and we ran it through it made a whole master chief voice find and we took some recordings the Sachin Adela and Alex Kitman and made ones. And if you know either of them if you've ever heard them speak they we have a very unique voice on either of them and it's scary. It's like way too good but aw here there you know here go ahead. I think there's GonNa be a whole thing. I just think about house affects my profession. I think there's going to have to be a hole in their industry for. It's almost like evidence. Verification right like e discovery was a big new industry that came across when we started needing email search and on companies that focus on going in and doing your e discovery before you when it comes down to that but I think verification almost on even like you know voice recording. Here's the phone call. Well was that really the phone call. Is that the guy. It sounds like the guy. But he's this guy. Look at this video right because even the deed on the videos are even getting really good. We're looks just like their face. It could be them and she's yeah you're right. The ethical side around on that is extremely interesting. Yeah we played around with some other like interesting hardware. Sky Came to a meeting and we were just it. It wasn't something we were gonNA ever necessarily bring to market. We were just screwing around right with. How could we do stuff? And how cheap could we get a device so that you could. They make a commodity device right. And you'd be amazed..

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