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The eradication of covert 19 is a top priority of the Biden administration boxes Gurnal Scott and what's likely its final formal address. President Trump also talked about the toll. The virus has had grieved for every life lost, and we pledge and their memory. Wipe out this horrible pandemic once and for all. President also had praise for the scientists and drug companies were producing to a vaccine for the virus in a matter of months, something he said, would have taken another administration years. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell lays the blame for the capital riot at the feet of President Trump mob was lies. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people. ECONOMY. The remarks on the Senate floor as the Senate prepares for an impeachment trial of President Trump Senator Richard Burr says the Justice Department has told him it will not prosecute him over stock sales made during the pandemic. The Insider trading investigation Force the North Carolina Republican to step aside. As chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wall Street, the Dow added. 1 16 and as Dad plus 1, 98, the S and P Up 30 Americans listening to Fox News. This'll news is brought to you by nerds in a flash. He was radio K. L B. J I'm John Cooley and topping Austin's New Austin's police. Farmer remains on tactical alert ahead of president Like Joe Biden's inauguration. A body officials say they are working in partnership with area law enforcement. And as yet You're not aware of any known threats to the area Governor Greg Abbott says the Houston Methodist hospitals, the state's top provider of covert banks, nations, crediting their large scale hub model of administering the vaccines. There's only one limitation that we have at this moment in time and inadequate supply the vaccinations and that supply of vaccinations comes on Lee from the federal government, Abbott says. So far, the state has distributed more than 1.7 million doses of the vaccine. And the city of Boston is looking to add more motels who It's growing list of Cupid isolation facilities next week Council will consider ratifying several agreements with hotels, including a $700,000. Least for 30 days at a hotel near the lake Line mall. Okay, LBJ radar Weather Watch low 46 High 54 Get Austin News on demanding news. Radio K O B. J calm Are you work fast, WiFi. You use it to connect just.

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