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But if he's the guy, he's got the higher upside. I think it would be more of a longer term positive for USC to go that direction. Get him some meaningful experience now and build on that later. USC's going to have a really good team again, but I don't know if we're under any luge that they're going to win the Pac twelve and go to the playoff. They're gonna go to a bowl game. They'll be just fine. But if JT Daniels is starting quarterback, I, I don't view that as a negative thing. I've you that as him being the best guy for the job. Yes. And so early reports out of USC are that it's not just that the other quarterbacks aren't good. There haven't really seen anything about that in what limited stuff I've read. It's that j. Daniels has been really. Really good, which is and should be super encouraging for USC fans like Jeff has formed a really good bit of chemistry with get ready for this one. Tie aim on Amman raw, Saint Brown? Yup. E- cues, little brother, right causing trouble and that is that should be scared to everybody in the Pac twelve south and beyond in the conference. Because when you have a sensational true, freshman quarterback and a top level incoming receiver, they have a couple of really good receivers. I think it's more of a situation that Sears in Fink are more on the Cody Kessler level, which is fine and serviceable, but not game changing. So Daniel starts and goes down. I don't think USC will be dramatically worse. Just not as good if that makes any sense. All right. So we got a random question emailed into us here, not specific, but then what is the worst injury you have ever suffered. The worst injury. I have suffered a couple ankles playing basketball. The only time I've broken a bone, and I think I've told this story on the show is when I had the growth plate in my left pinky shattered, and it has not grown at the rate. It should have since seventh grade, and that was due to a friend of yours at the time right due to a friend of mine. Also when I was like four years old, I jumped headfirst into a glass coffee table and split my head open. That's probably the answer, man. This is a good question here. I've got a bunch of really good ones. Oh, I thought this was leading to an injury question with college football, but I like while it's about our bodies actually I can't go somewhere with it. But the question to answer the question here. I blow up my shoulder twice needed reconstructive, shoulder surgery. So that's probably the winner. But I've done all sorts of crazy stuff in hyperextending elbows, nearly tearing ligaments elsewhere in the body. I guess reconstructive shoulder surgery would probably take the cake care. Yeah, that's pretty good. I think that wins and actually I didn't mean to go here with this, but you know, we've been talking a lot about the ethnic so smooth over the next couple of I swear to God. I didn't mean to go here. Well, I know it's just in your bone job by member reconstructed bones. That's right. We talked a lot about the athletic here, and I saw a really fascinating article this week from Seth Emerson noted, Georgia writer about how the process of repairing an ACL has evolved over the course of time. And while it was right? Yeah, we've talked about it on the show before. Right. And we'll, I'm sure give out the r. l..

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