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I just remember that man and then he just really admired what he did in the last few days and we took interns tenders. Jane and we both made promises to her to me. Promise i remember the nurse coming out because glenda jane a nurse to come look after in the daytime making sure. She got all the help that she needed. And the nurse came out and said trays jayme wants you. So what and she decided a tough conversation with a gpa. And i walked in and she said to me. Try listening to all that shit out. There said what she says. You're listening to all this. Are you about me. I said no she. Don't give up on me trace on so even to the final you know. She's don't give me please give up a navigable and she said a. Make me a promise. She said you know. We made a promise that my youngest daughter familiar unheard son. James will get married. I mean they're not happy about that. I made promises to her. That no matter what you know they would have biggest fair. Was that the kids have forgo. She was and i said. Never while i breathe there will forgo you are and i promise that no matter what i will continue her work at the mcgrath foundation with glenn to lose a close friend like that is always difficult and it doesn't make it any easier. Does it when you're so much a part of the process leading up to that. It doesn't make it easier because you know yet. I know all her dreams zano all the things we you know like a wedding to organize fraud children. You know i. I knew everything that she wanted to do. In life and to see someone so young You know be taken the bait children's still six eight and was a huge part more life a huge part of choose one of the reasons that made it easier to leave my family in the uk and settle in australia..

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