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The you're on with. Mario lopez lopez and i am so excited to announce my virtual restaurant brand mario's door does lopez in. It's so cool because we're going to be able to deliver all over the country. It's all through grubhub and i partnered with an amazing chef. Who is just incredible. And he's joining me here today. Chef greenie mr eric. Greenspan shattered man. How are you good to see you. I'm well great to see you as you know. I'm a huge foodie and as my listeners. Know i'm very passionate about food. So i wanted to do something. What aren't you passionate about. The we'll everything that i do. I'm passionate about whether it's you know what i mean. I won't get behind it. If unless i really believe in it and i'm passionate about food. It falls into my five buckets punches. Family food fitness fun and faith. Okay those are the five days for me right there. So this falls into a very important category. Food of course and mario has lopez to for those. Who are not familiar with that is. It's essentially a mexican sandwich right. Yeah somewhat like assab. But it's the boy it's authority but it's a very filling in the brentwood is the type of bread. That's just i got my first. I've known for my sandwiches. And i have a grilled cheese book out. I do sandwiches for all these sandwiches we did. We've been all over sandwiches. I think my first memory of sandwiches is a torture. Really when i was in mexico in high school and how i remember anything from going to mexico in high school doesn't make any sense but i can constantly remember this one sandwich that i would get at the stand right outside of our hotel and every morning i would have it and it was that i was wow. This is a special kind of sandwich. I'm excited to share it with the rest of the world here. That is may not be familiar with people in the latin community. Yes but i'm telling you to delicious sandwich that will keep you full for sure. It'll keep you full. And by the way we have different flavors to talk about the different point we've got. We've got the grilled steak. We've got a grilled chicken. But we have and i think this one's your favorite we have a theresa and egg one balance. Delicious phenomenal yes. They're all delicious real good. We've got we've got a plant going to plan these trees. Oh yes we do have a place when n things outside of talk about some other things. They can find menu one of your fitness right and so we can't do sandwiches all the time and still stick to that regiment right and so when you and i were talking about food. We wanted to do that. Authentic flavors but perhaps in a unique and healthier way and so i came up with the cauliflower rice bowl. That's right and so it's like a classic rice bowl with all like a burrito. Whatever but we use cauliflower rice instead of regular rights to keep you trim exactly and we can have it with poor. Can we with chicken. So i'm very excited about.

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