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World is stunned. In the aftermath amid the vilification of black september the identity of their patron becomes apparent. Colonel moammar gadhafi. Black september trained for their mission in the libyan desert camp most likely funded with his money. Phase response was the bodies of defying arab guerrillas killed in the action flounder aaa or they were given a martyr's burial gadhafi or does it the bodies of the dead terrorists to be interred with full military honors in frenzied scenes. The coffins draped in palestinian flags a born through the streets of the libyan capital. The three surviving terrorists held in police custody. In west germany. The day was still managed to evade justice to seven weeks later. A lufthansa jet is hijacked on route from day route to frankfurt the trio of gunman released from jail in an exchange. The related suggestions. That the hijacking is undertaken in collusion with the west german government. Through just want the whole embarrassing episode simply to go away on the twenty ninth of october. These three men are also whisked to libya given a hero's welcome and the televised press conference. The munich gunmen revel in the experts. We have made our voice heard by the world. they claim the israeli authorities. Meanwhile will launch covert mission for justice over the coming years operation. Roth of god will hunt down and kill the perpetrators and associates one by one sammy. Michael good buffy was in any way involved in the planning on your tax inside. Germany need it may nineteen seventy-two male connection was simple. It was nice to it. Those your carol palestinians to accountable as pods and the operation was sent for burial. I'm gonna maybe a said he knew nothing about the plenty of your bringing. He may want provided general fine. Not the marrying used in ranking. But he didn't do so nouri he was a question of solidarity her. By the way was aimed conduct his nature to work the credit unto suggested in some way. Hey great in the climate and receives these those things become. I'm definitely the new response. Life is full of things to manage your work. Your family your plans and your treatment considered key symptom fatuma map twenty milligram injection. You can take it yourself from the comfort of home if you're ready for something different. Ask your healthcare provider about key symptom and check out the details at key symptom dot com brought to you by novartis pharmaceuticals corporation. Whatever the extent of his real material connection to black. September gadhafi is desperate to take credit for their activities. It's all part of his way of painting himself. As the great arab liberator in seventy three or so it said gadhafi even embarks on an extraordinary plot to torpedo the cruise line. Qe to as it heads towards haifa. Israel packed with american jews. Arriving to celebrate. Israel's twenty fifth anniversary. It's claimed that saddam egypt who submarines gadhafi wants to use is having none of it. This were growing deterioration in relations. Gadhafi will deal with sadat later. Whatever credit gadhafi may have had with egypt over the west is blown it awfully. But he doesn't care defeating the west if eating zionists defeating anyone who opposes him can be done by fair means or foul gadhafi's passions become inflamed even further in february nineteen seventy-three libyan airlines flight out. One one four on route from benghazi to cairo strays into israeli airspace during a sandstone assumed to be a military aircraft and refusing instructions to land from the intercepting israeli jets shot. Down one hundred civilian passengers killed gadhafi's foreign minister celebrate their parishes among them over the coming years gadhafi will extend huge generosity to independence movements terror groups of all persuasions anyone can be construed as anti zionist or anti imperial in any way can rely on gadhafi support. Along list includes the black princes the sandinistas in nicaragua the provisional ira etta the red brigades and red army faction the japanese red army and move. Besides some terrorist groups are even given space on libyan soil to host training camps. This is not diplomacy by conference and even by gunboat diplomacy by semtex. It's not only those abroad who beginning to think. Libya has gone too. Far at home there is unrest to in the summer of nineteen seventy five. There were rumors of a planned counter. Coup and after burning his bridges with the cia gadhafi con rely on them to what she's back gadhafi discovers the the plot anyway and it's ringleaders ruined covered. They are hey she by she. Hawaii an hour hamza members of gadhafi's own inner circle maheshi fleas tunisia august. The ninety seventy five. You had a revolt within the rcc. In the end only side of the original twelve members were left standing that show gadhafi. Gadhafi's response is swift. He purges the army of two hundred officers and arrest anyone who was practically unhappy about his increasingly autocratic rule it goes further unmatched a second. Nineteen seventy seven in the town of sabe. It makes another grand declaration. Cuban leader. Fidel castro is flown in to address. The crowd. i effectively is gadhafi's warm. Act taking to the stage. After castro gadhafi announces a declaration of the authority of the people. He has dissolved the libyan state. He says libya is now no longer a conventional national entity. Instead it is the great socialist people's libyan arab jamahiriya jemma here translates as a state of the masses. This is a rebranding of the most extreme order the libyan flag is shown of all stripes all adornments. It becomes just a solid green rectangle. There is a weekly magazine to go with. A new look called the green march qaddafi had this idea.

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