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Dot com steve is calling from manhattan and a happy fourth to you steve oh yankee doodle smooth that's it make me think of james cagney in that movie that's right and what else to be petted in smooths on the phone you are you are the knock hewlett genius there was a lot i was alive alliteration going on now what does alliterate in maine that means you can shrink words together next kind of sound the same and just go on and on and on and on your openings could last forever well and they do and some of them seem like they do right i know guys stay smooths talks and talks that's what he's supposed to talk i can't see them right stewart sold the favourite don't waste any more time in the hospital but you don't have to be no hospital live to be two hundred years old or the same year by base you know today is the birthday of john sterling who happens to be the same ages the country itself and i think as i play by play job was calling these signing of the declaration of independence right that was the political ended where he was he was at the first olympics day was dying and watch together for the opening ceremony but in steinbrenner's birthday and steinbrenner was a big fan folks you don't notice a white castle cheeseburgers he loves the she was born in this day and we know jefferson and adams both died on his day this week is monstrous in american history well of course it's the beginning of of of everything and i mean you know you have your declaration of independence and there's the signature with with with what's his name ben franklin and thomas jefferson what is it and two hundred and forty two years later were basically with the same principles in play at least most of the time one eight seven seven three three seven six six six six is the number to call we have lines open and i'll tell you.

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