Guliani discussed on Pat Thurston


You doing tonight i'm well thank you no repeat for me what guliani said and and and tell me that not every american would want the things leveled against them to be known i mean what do you do you even a just drag me into court and say well you know we we know he did something you gotta tell what you're after specifically well he's not being dragged in properly he's not being dragged into court there's an investigation that's underway now look testify no no no they don't want him to testify testifying is what you do in court they they want to interview him they wanna question him because they're involved in an investigation and they have done we says matters they have not what of course it matters otherwise they wouldn't wanna tone but they have not said that he is the target of the investigation they've said he is a subject of the investigation now if they charge him criminally then he is a defendant at that and then of course he he has the right to understand the charges against he has the right to know who his accusers are he has the right to an impartial jury oh pardon me and what he's accused oh yeah if he's a defendant which he is not he is simply a sending me any any why would they need any statement it's not a statement they want to interview and they wanna ask him west what is it what is he going ted interview they he's already muller has already sent the questions to the lawyers as he didn't actually send the questions they spoke on the phone and they told them the general areas that they want to talk about what the subject matter is what it is they wanna talk about the lawyers then put that into question form and they released to the public so we've had the opportunity to see it that way nothing's been himself on today are those types of questions and they don't have anything to do with his i don't have anything to do with no he doesn't have to incriminate himself he can always say just be done in a form you know you asked the question how right you answer is that what you think would happen if you were somebody who was a person of interest in an investigation do you think that the police would or the investigators that would simply allow you to answer a question here you said police detectives work in a police department they are this is a special counsel there may be criminality don't call me dear either that's that's offensive but yeah but i i don't think you quite understand ted let me see if i can explain it to i'm not a lawyer and i don't want to get this wrong for you but let me see if i can explain it this is an investigation he has been authorized the special counsel has enormous power in this investigation in the course of the investigation they're seeking a lot of documents and they are talking to people they're interviewing people they're asking people about information that they have come into possession of they're asking people to explain what they know about certain circumstances that are involved in the investigation there are so many people they've interviewed not all of those people are people who are going to face any sort of charges any indictment anything at all they're being interviewed because they may provide information that is important to the investigation donald trump and every other american i mean you still have your rights there are things that you don't have to answer but you can't say i'm simply not going to talk to you or you can say that unless you're subpoenaed and if you're subpoenaed then you have an obligation to respond and you can bring your lawyer with you and there and your.

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