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Vice chair of the congressional progressive caucus taking your calls for the our core cold excuse me in Danville Illinois coal you're on the air with congressman Condit yes hi Tom it's an honor to be here Stan thank you and I heard you mentioned standing army and I have a philosophical kind of question if you don't mind if you're both welcome to answer on it but it seems to me the common discussion today minimize the I guess overstate the resistance the founders had to a standing national army went to federal us like animals and that and and that's in the took control of the militias from the state and gave market to the national you could look yeah I think if you actually called if you go back to I think it's federal is twenty six Hamilton went off at some length about it a standing armies are a danger to peace out or if you want to comment on that congressman well let me say that I mean obviously in the modern world at work we have a military the question is what is going to guide American foreign policy and I was down to Jimmy Carter hearing Jimmy Carter in Sunday school and he said something that I thought was rather profoundly yeah people to raise their hand and say we don't care what would make someone a superpower and someone had a strong military someone said an educated public some look at an innovative public and then president Carter said well let me tell you I think what makes someone a superpower is a nation of that would be sought after to make peace nation that would have the wisdom to help resolve conflicts and to be looked at as a model for for justice in the world so I I I think that's the vision of America that many progressives believe in and that's not what our budgets currently reflect in terms of the massive defense increases yeah and I just I just found this on page forty one of my my new book the hidden history guns in the second amendment this is federal is twenty nine and it's Alexander Hamilton he says of standing armies are dangerous to liberty and efficacious power over the militia on as far as possible to take away the inducement pretext of such unfriendly institutions a citizens militia appears to me the only substitute that can be devised for a standing army and the best possible security against it to render an army unnecessary by having St bases malicious will be more certain method of preventing its existence than a thousand prohibitions upon paper that's the federalist papers so anyhow back to the back to the issues of today yeah I'm sorry hello I love you I love that you do that because it's important that reklame America's founding in patriotism for that from the way the Republicans have distorted thank you mark in San Francisco listen on nine ten AM you're on the air with congressman poking our exit make a congressman kana shooting hi Tom Michael Richmond not only bring up the fact I think that Democrats need to emphasize the fact the Republicans want to cut social security and Medicare and that's a whole voting block of people that collect it could make a difference in in a state like Florida mark mark I couldn't agree with you more it's a clear contrast they are they want to cut it we don't is made make this bogus argument about solvency and there is one simple way to solve solvency four years down the line and that is to say that people should be paying the social security tax on income over touring fifty thousand dollars right now that tax is capped at a hundred and thirteen thousand if you got rid of that cap and tax people over toward fifty thousand on social security income you can not only make sure they weren't cut you could actually increase benefits to keep up with the standard of living and that is a huge contrast and different philosophies between Democrats and Republicans David listen and then a G. R. N. in Columbus Ohio you're on the air with constant contact hi congressman mark you're one of my favorite congressman largely because you talk about defense spending and see if it's something that I've been trying to reduce since I was in the army way back in the seventies and have you talked with the progressive carcass about what since they can have you tried to convince them and I I I know there's some pretty good movies that would be a good to help them decide there's one called command control which was about the he hiking to missile disaster in Arkansas but I don't know where it's at I think there's a lot of things that we could use help convince people that we're we're just out of control on defense spending but what have you done thank god you're here remember if I if I if I may ask you remember well built and William congressman William Proxmire and he was from Wisconsin as Golden Fleece award are you old enough to remember that I I'm familiar with it I didn't know him but I yeah I I've heard of it he I mean every it he was a Republican as I recall and every year he came out with his Golden Fleece award and nine times out of ten it was the Pentagon that he was given a two and it was you know he'd be out of the five hundred dollar toilet seats in the nine hundred dollar hammers all this kind of stuff and just every year he created outrage by laser focusing on one single example that was matter to the entire mass back to you well David thank you for your kind comment in terms that you brought this up I will say you know I let this effort on trains dime we're cranes and was forced to add to reimburse the federal government sixteen million dollars and what they were doing is buying small subsidiaries supplying parts to the defense department and jacking up prices almost ten thousand percent well it was so outrageous that as you put it even Republicans were outraged with what was going on and fleecing the the country so you seen for collectors huge bloated defense budgets but also abuse by contractors and monopoly contractors to David's question I have talked to colleagues about it I've made the point that most people are sick of these endless wars and they're sick of bloated defense budgets that aren't helping them that our competitiveness would be much better off and we'd be much better off as a country making more strategic investments in education and infrastructure and healthcare in broadband that would do more to improve people's lives in a bit Tamara position America in the twenty first century and I said you know there there you never used to be this pair.

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