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Sell to join the millions who are registered as organ eye and tissue donors we're all needed to learn more and sign up call eight six six nine nine donate I need someone with a W. O. R. T. cloudy sky sports here this morning with those clouds will break up we'll see some sunshine makes in later on this morning into this afternoon light winds milder temperatures to finish out twenty nineteen upper forties fair to partly cloudy skies here tonight is to ring in the new year low thirties sunny new year's day cooler low forties currently thirty gated W. O. R. I'm urologist Ken boon well we get away press your call or New Jersey be first with the the break out four do stay here twenty twenties for got a lot of questions seven ten W. O. R. will have the answers balance of nature changing the world one life at a time I love the products I haven't had a cold since I've started my green kids get sick all the time and I don't catch what they have I'm gonna be sixty eight tomorrow and I'm in great shape and I'm very grateful I know that balance of nature the simplicity of it and the purity of it has just been a tremendous blessing for me this is the season that focuses on family faith and love this holiday season balance of nature is offering twenty five percent off a free travel set and free shipping on your first preferred order of balance of nature this will only be available until the end of the year so don't wait call eight hundred two four six eight seven five one that's eight hundred two four six eight seven five one or go to balance of nature dot com and use discount code W. O. R. music history lives on access TV celebrate with the best live concerts in depth interviews in documentary series discover the unknown stories of artists like Keith Thurman and David Byrne in conversation with Dan rather hit the road with Sammy Hagar once bands like Def Leppard and Bad Company light up the stage.

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