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Donovan McNab or Steve McNair or a Russell Wilson are back in June so there are things that that come along that could have changed the mind okay there was a long time cultures they wanted to run their system they drafted a quarterback in that quarter record learn the system and it took me years to get on the field right now because you're having to pay Ricky Phillips money these owners want to get productivity out of each player's much faster well how are you you can't lessen the learning curve the learning curve is still gonna be here for what the only way that you could do that if you implement things that they're already familiar with there you go and in these cultures are doing that other necessity because the older requiring after spending these great resources that high draft picks on players I need to productivity out of right away and that's what you saw you know Russell Wilson plated media only coming out of that third round pick out of Wisconsin the guys started all every game every single year for eighth grade students I thank them for the postseason and seven out of New York and so we gotta be able to design it for they'll not enough to bring nine teams in their own ability to learn the playbook and retain information and be able to go out on the field and execute that's why leadership is important at that position because they've got a vehicle the others how can you lead others if you don't know what you're doing so they have to have a certain amount of mental acuity to be able to process the playbook and take it out on the field and turned it into productive action so that's kind of the short answer to that question or maybe longer answer if you will Sally you know we know that pro football focus does a great job evaluating these players that are going to go from the college game to the pro game last week we talked about the quarterback position this week focusing on the running backs and you know when you look at guys like a D. Andriy swift from Georgia Jonathan Taylor from Wisconsin Zack moss from Utah how does PFF have guys like this graded as they're getting ready to go to that next level in their career malls are number one rated one but you have a high level of what we call our leases rating but think of the looks of waiting time unless you're a quarterback it would be their quarterback passer rating right so it's basically a combination of a lot of different things you know source next goals yards after contact right yards before contact the factors in here too a lot of what the running backs you are so dependent upon so many other things in other words could be a great runner but if the office of line isn't blocking you're always getting hit in the backfield you're not going to be very productive okay if you are a guy who is a downhill runner but you're you're being asked the world to get you're not gonna be very productive focus system that you play in also you're really one of those things that allows you to be productive or maybe one of the things that injures a productivity so we got a lot of those things where we try to boil it down to the things up and running back and controlled himself then controlled blocking or you can't control what system you're in the lead one of the other things that the Lana can control himself the card he gets the ball okay what is happening if you get hit the post guys cutting five yards down the field were not given him credit for that by Yardeni work begins when the first one blocked under a rock so if that's how we do it who's got more productive than right now that we spoke to the college career at least this last season that moss is a loop of right now there are other things that come into play when evaluating running back your ability to track off and on third down if you are a great learner but can't stay on the field on third down because your poor pass protector they don't they're not gonna leave yet again I have to get out of here well there's no way we're gonna read you higher than that other guy might have got a lot of money back which is not a book on a better all around complete back so you're not gonna be right hi some of the other guys so we we take a look at a lot of different areas and that's how we got to give you we think blank one he was very young very swift is another guy a jury talented running back out of Georgia a nominal and so that's where I could put here to combine holding one near weld county moved to catch the ball that matters because that Wisconsin's Jonathan Taylor didn't do a whole lot of activity so now you got to bring him here to ask him to do those things that he could see how he moved in this past route and how he catches the ball with great ease you need to be able to see that if you have an offense that features a running back in that way Sally let me ask you this because it used to be it used to be a time when you needed a certain type of player you went to a university because you knew that you would get that kind of player every single time and at Miami fort along as it was the running back position and defensive line I mean that that would end the safe deposit it was just a school to produce the but but the defensive line that they produced that the players that they produce for a long time was outstanding and then you looked at schools that produce quarterbacks USAID he's another one of these quarterbacks down that line does that still exist in evaluation of players because you meant you mention swift and of course of course Nick Chubb I thought was outstanding last year I think that he's one of the better running backs we've seen in a long time do you kind of look at if the head coach is there at the running back coach is there the next running back that they have in their position is also going to be a baller there's no doubt not just me but I think in a full team they they have an on and off with the really good coaches a college football level in doesn't really good job of coaching technique and fundamentals that translate well at our level and and stresses at work you have a pro style system on offense I am at the post office will that mean you're you're you're you might get shot down but you're also taking snaps under center your what were dropping from center to hitting the top of your crop three step five step seven step drop all passing route the coordinator but the gap in the drop of the quarterbacks receivers have to know that because they got to be coming out of the break at the top of bail out if you went to LSU sailing camp Cameron with the office coordinator those receivers like Jarvis Landry Odell Beckham junior date work all those things and didn't have to what all new to them when they got to the NFL level and that's that goes step both to have a number of different positions at a number of different schools because that's where the good coaches are often one coach fares is at university of Iowa this is a guy really good coach really good friends with Bella check it coast at the NFL level with Bella check in sleep in when they were all in Cleveland he doesn't you look at the often the ones that come out of Iowa their program they've got good technique good fun fundamentals and they just do a really good job and so between now with good coaches aren't adept at me just because you play for that school and played at that position that you're a good player you know it's not everywhere the school code by these coaches are are you know coming to the NFL and are successful but at least it's a good place to go shopping for talent okay did you know that those guys at least a good part all the right things Alex let's look at the body of work let's look at the tape last past the McConnell and see how they do Sally you are the best we we always appreciated every Wednesday when you come on in and talk a little football with us and I can't wait to catch up with you next week you guys are the best al you're to blame them having to set off for you and your honor all right thank you Sally we appreciated some of the cuts joining us from pro football focus here with big Alan Jo Jo I came away the voice of Colorado John Morrissey with a check your drive the crash on the collar city regardless like I. seventy six near eighty eight stop and go traffic all the way back down to two seventy highway seven west of a hundred and seven to two eighty seven you've got a crash of on the north side and that along at foothills drive ninety three approaching sixty four of one seventy two are your drive this afternoon down of the Czech center you've got a crash county line near Broadway Evans and Holly Mississippi in Santa Fe also it says were full of action is right now the cleaning up one at first and Sheridan and what a Peoria at Mont du your drive downtown very busy I twenty five heavy from I. seventy six to see four seventy four seventy was about your battle that bright side heading out across Iowa drainage flow from I. twenty five well the traffic on Parker road right near dog valley ended our relationship Broncos parkway and you're two to five drive is heavy with near the hospitals up there seventy than sixty have you and coming off by twenty five heading up toward Park Road five thirty one pinpoint weather partly cloudy low down to twenty it is forty one right now this report sponsored by Canada dry ginger rail numbers are better news brought you by Canada dry traffic the worst to replicate the Canada dry ginger ale imagine instead you're gently floating through the cosmos on a soft comfy recliner next no I'm relaxed with the real ginger taste of Canada dry I'm John Morrissey gateway.

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