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Right oh billy zane yeah i don't remember interesting so so okay so just so you guys get a lay of the land here kenneth wants rose to be ramona and jack to be gyms candy he wants a james kennedy ramona relationship okay james kennedy is jack yes maruma small go it's really small did you hear the news good i'm playing the main deck nomo it's mr james kennedy jack sivas man dj hello jack i'm making that's why on the dynamic the make up the titanic suppose merit scott and he's such a he's so handsome but i miss being single ready to mingle jabber on the king of the world playing the world down the dj at the word here hit girl won't you get out on this boat here and now you can be the queen of the world king of the world google you know they say he near far or wherever you going you know it's all the same thing appears lean dion she's fantastic she has a car i've nicer car i deserve it i'm making ruse do you not know that one base kathy bates is leah.

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