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IUD Is <Speech_Female> the most effective <Speech_Female> ninety nine point nine <Speech_Female> nine percent effective <Speech_Female> and the second <Speech_Female> most effective <Speech_Female> is the prescription only <Speech_Female> emergency <Speech_Female> contraception called <Speech_Female> Ella and <Speech_Female> because under <Speech_Female> the Care <Speech_Female> Act etc it <Speech_Female> should be available. <Speech_Female> No Co pay no deductible <Speech_Female> AKA <Speech_Female> free if you <Speech_Female> have insurance and that <Speech_Female> one is better at every <Speech_Female> time period <Speech_Female> and if your BMI <Speech_Female> twenty <Speech_Female> six or greater <Speech_Female> and I say you <Speech_Female> know my Bmi <Speech_Female> twenty-five <Speech_Female> and after Thanksgiving <Speech_Female> it's probably GonNa be twenty <Speech_Female> six no <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> Don't be using <Speech_Female> plan. Be An <Speech_Female> generics. Ask <Speech_Female> Your providers <Speech_Female> prescription of <Speech_Female> L. A.. <Speech_Female> And have <Speech_Female> it on the side <Speech_Female> as they fire <Speech_Female> extinguisher anguish or <Speech_Female> just in case of emergencies. <Speech_Female> And when you get <Speech_Female> to ask your pharmacist <Speech_Female> for the one with the <Speech_Female> farthest expiration <Speech_Female> date after <Speech_Female> one expires today <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> <Silence> excellent <Speech_Female> will put it links up <Speech_Female> on our website <Speech_Female> and <Speech_Female> links to <Speech_Female> your youtube channel <Speech_Female> as well. Because I know <Speech_Female> you've answered lots of questions <Speech_Female> on there <Speech_Female> as well so we'll <Speech_Female> put links up for all <Speech_Female> of that. Thank <SpeakerChange> you <Speech_Female> so much. <Speech_Female> I'm yeah <Speech_Female> always happy <Speech_Female> to chat about <Speech_Female> The <Speech_Female> horrible attack <Speech_Female> on Women's reproductive <Speech_Female> rights. But hopefully <Speech_Female> that will change <Speech_Female> everybody the vote <Speech_Female> and everybody who <Speech_Female> donate <Speech_Female> twenty twenty <Speech_Female> all <SpeakerChange> right <Speech_Female> well excellent. Thank <Speech_Female> you so much <Speech_Female> for joining <Speech_Female> us and <Speech_Female> I'm <Speech_Female> sure that <Speech_Female> Hopefully everything will <Speech_Female> go great. And we'll get <Speech_Female> that our laws but <Speech_Female> if we have more <Speech_Female> attacks on women's <Speech_Female> reproductive health <Speech_Female> which we likely <Speech_Female> will maybe <Speech_Female> we'll check back in with you. <Speech_Female> Thank <SpeakerChange> you so <Speech_Female> much for having <Speech_Female> me and <Speech_Female> I love what you <Speech_Female> guys are doing and I <Speech_Female> love women helping <Speech_Female> women all right <Speech_Female> thank you <Speech_Female> thank you. <SpeakerChange> <Silence> Thank you <Speech_Female> for listening into two <Speech_Female> bras talking politics. <Speech_Female> Part of the <Speech_Female> dim cast podcast <Speech_Female> network. <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Female> Our theme <Speech_Female> song is called. Are you <Speech_Female> listening of <Speech_Female> the

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