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Very pleased to be with you. I was watching your face as he listened to that. What was going through your mind as you listen to yourself in the house and your first day in the new party? You know, it's bizarre that the only politician in the house want to fight for canyon consumers, and that's the reality. Is your colleagues your former conservative colleagues, laughing and jeering choosing? No. No. And just sort of rejecting you all together. Was that like for you. I'm not so surprised at the end because you know and the only one who wants to have that on the table for the NAFTA negotiation. Actually, that's what a President Trump is asking for the last six months in and it's so important for the future of this country. Twenty percent of our economy. It's depending on the US and the relationship between us and US. So if we want to deal, we must be able to put that on the table and at the end that would be good for canyon consumer. So I was disappointed at the end, but I didn't have a lot of expectation. Also, Donald Trump to peace Nepad on this issue. What I said to the prime minister and Rashida when they were saying we must stand up against the prison troubles and no, we must sit down with him. We must sit down in a real negotiation on NAFTA on free trade. You know they're putting at risk the automobile industry here, no tear you and all your industry just to protect nineteen thousand producers. On the spend management in this country, and now maybe we won't have deal. We must be a shame that mixed EKO and they were able to deal before us with us. So that's a very bad strategy that they're through government. They're doing right now with the l. of the conservative party of candles, your new party, the People's Party of Canada. I mean, just one question about that because I do remember I'm sure you do remember when coalition Avenir Quebec introduce their party and the acronym was calcul and how much derision there was going, you're going to be p p of Canada. It's PPC. PP up. See I'll the PPC, but you know the name, it's important for us at people's and we are a party that want to work for people in this country, and that was special interest group and the best example, it's that cartel of supreme management. But you eat talks about your former conservative party that you ran for the leadership of not very long ago. You them morally corrupt and you are now going to represent the people who are the people that you plan to represent Canadians that are fed up with traditional politics. Canadian new don't who doesn't believe in the petition. When you're saying something and the opposing the other day, Canadians that want to have real bold reform in this country for being a smarter and smarter government in a more freer and prosperous country. So our our platform is based on the four principles, individual freedom, personal restaurants, everyday respect, and fairness, and people believe in that there will come party. We can. Adult of support, not only from conservatives, but also from people who voted for other parties. I'm listening for that thing that's going to make me drop everything and folly wealth the door in join you. I mean, I was there when Bloc Quebecois started. Does that movement the Reform Party of Canada to powerful things and to be in the room. At those times, it was like a match was lit, a room, full of fuel..

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