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The seren getty ecosystem survived their first year from the rivet will desk i'm nick mountain there could be a wild scene on the senate floor our next week his talks begin on the gop healthcare bill ap washington correspondent soghra mougani reports senate gop leader mitch mcconnell rolled out the revamped version yesterday after the first one failed under strong opposition minority leader chuck schumer says this one isn't any better every bit as mean as the old one the bill next week faces a do or die vote to come to the floor for debate mcconnell can only afford to republicans to vote no to already say they will he's pitching it as a chance to improve the bill the only way to for anyone democrat republican or independent opportunities to vote yes but cottle's under intense white house pressure to get it done that vice president mike pence is urging all republicans to back it roll their sleeves up and get this vilder the president's desk and get it there soon saga regarding washington progressive presents mindfloness with flo you are a mighty fortress of supreme knowledge progressive direct has not only revealed their rates but those of their competitors if you are any more in the know you would be drowning he now compare progressive direct rates with competitors' rates because knowledge is power visit progressivecom progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates comparison rates not available in all states or situations prices vary based on how you buy.

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