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And then you can dig into that on the snap is not basis to see when it was updated versions. The move between in terms of auditing them. They're just disqualifies file that gets mounted than is on compressed. It's just a directory of stuff you can go in there and look at every single file you can. You can enumerate every file in. You can see what it is. You cannot modify them because that's the whole point. They're. Read only, but that's what I meant to bring a proprietary I mean if you only get the binary, but then you only get the binary from Debbie and packages as well could download the source about until. Until we produce happen to you actually know the source it was built from is the binary the you go and exactly same position with the chromium stop. I'm assuming age. Published the source for the Gammel violence on so. So You could order that just as much as you Kinda Debbie package. I don't know if there's any plans to be reproducible builds for snaps. But that sounds like. An awful lot of wealth. And, you'd only be able to do that. In some realms, there are a number of different ways that you can build snaps I could just build it here on my own. We can control some of that machinery to add some reproducibility there as we can in the build services that exist either launchpad orange grated with. Get HOB. All as the self hosted. Build service now called FABRICA. It would be possible to implement that, but we've got big. Issues to solve the developers and publishers are asking four so. We'll get there someday, but it's not at the top list for sure right now. I feel like I'm doing is not gonNA. Convince anyone who's making this complied anyway the final. Which is the thing that I? Personally I actually agreed with. You can't put snap a different stole you can. There's no. Longer around to that again there's it's the whole paradigm. The mobile APP stores there is Google. Play, does.

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