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Don't wanna let your body get two for a consumer to get it back to where he wanted to be so i would say today's athlete comes in the camp erred erred spring training in much better shape neighbor did yeah i mean i would agree with that but i think there's a reason why spree assault is so long but it probably be a little bit shorter but it's also it's also a great experience for fans to down on i think that the for me like i use a lot of spring training to get myself ready as more of a a veteran guy you know when i was younger i would you know come in ready and you're not trying to make the club at a spring training in those things but now i i like to use the length of of spring to uh you know to get to where i need to be and uh you know yeah like he said it i think it's a lot of his four guy you know you're trying to figure out who's gonna make the team in where they fit in and you know getting to know your new teammates like this year for me i'll be getting no of new guys tell me if this would work because i'm thinking of the power baseball player now is in spring training and i got hot like really hot spring training at start striking out on purpose blow and want to say i would want to waste all that and a waste all those home runs rents frank traynor of account unlike other to get down to about to forty i don't wanna be like three eighty during spring i don't want that at all i think my career average in the spring is probably two hundred and if i may be have like four home runs on the screen or in ten years perfect just fervored how much is spring bruce used for evaluating guys who may not be on the team this year but guys that you may not get a chance to see during the regular season because mirrored focused on the giants in there in the miners but you want to have an idea what they could do and maybe we call them up later on in.

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