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Of new england sunshine sixty three degrees in boston good morning i'm deb lawler top stories now temperatures are expected to climb about twenty degrees or so from where they are right now highs today soaring into the eighties plenty of sunshine to we'll get to those details with accuweather coming up investigators in the russia election probe have floated the idea of forcing president trump to testify under oath a former attorney for the president says the special counsel raise the prospect of issuing a grand jury subpoena in march california and sixteen other states sued the trump administration over its plans to scrap standards on vehicle greenhouse emissions which helps said gas mileage rules in other news now after a month long journey a number of migrants from central american caravan seeking asylum in the us have entered the country abc's mac got men reports from tijuana mexico fourteen of them entering the us to officially begin to petition for asylum some scaling the fence on the sand yego porter while others waited patiently setting up camp on the cold concrete laurie martinez was kidnapped in her own home held hostage by gang he says it's not easy to live in a country where you're always afraid tonight they're hopeful that they won't have to fear any longer matt cup abc news tijuana wbz news time six twenty one a new pilot program is underway middlesex county it's aimed at reducing the prison population as wbz's kim tunnicliffe reports police are working to get people with mental health and substance abuse issues the help and the treatment they.

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