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Of people um you know you there's plenty of reasons to object to the idea that just because a company provides jobs it deserves say but i think fit theirs even less of a case for a company like facebook deserving to hat to throw its weight around the way it does is not even you know uh building wellformulated yes exploited more do at contributions to society the building low fell because one of the things that these companies have done which makes them different than traditional companies provide a kind of public fora and they're they're sort of the modern can swears whether we like it up and it's i think um providing people space to communicate in to connect it does provide sorta public service even though they're not it's not something we measure economically yeah and that's absolutely true and i think that it's something that facebook is slowly realising about itself that it at rep it has a public service component to it that it may be has hasn't taken the full responsibility for in the past the again you know for me what i keep going back to is the sense should a business whose entire business model is based on selling advertising be the town swear you know it's a little bit like seeding all the functions of a tense where to a mall and you wouldn't want you know you wouldn't want to have public debates in a maul necessarily um and i love malls i think mls a grave that there should be still a real base that doesn't john hammond of commercial aspect to it for people to communicate now because he i you see people now who are upset with the the politicizing i mean the political discussion on facebook saying i need another plant and it's something right yeah absolutely who ever thought my space would go anywhere in the right age and we sort of think that these things are so big can't dissolved but history shows they can i mean one thing i moved a lot more from facebook to instagram over the last few years because instagram's much more pleasant place for me as well as political discussion a lot more nice photographs and videos but grams owned by fehb some are so big and so good at buying up potential future competitors and we have a a.

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