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The field for to the balls incomplete he was looking for coach jaylen ramsey and aj boy a flanking here in coverage and it'll brighten up third doubt in that six yards for the first vows greg coverage by the the jaguars because it rush suggests four they can afford to have both corners deep on that play boy i had the primary coverage could quick their ramsey came over from his side of the field to make sure cooks could make the cat third down and is short six the ball just shy of the filter yard line hogan in motion from left to right brady in the gun grady market steps up pressure comes late throws by hogan at the forty th the 45 in doubt on wandering slides the forty eight yard line calvert smith covers about eighteen yards later and it's a first down his brady converts for the first time today on for down and against the patriots outpost amid field with his deep crossing route you'll line did a good job at give a grady extratime third at long to find logan behind the live back your miles jack a little tight end did motion from left to right on first down at the forty seven yardline brady under senator its way action brady with time again looking deep looking for connects his finger took a 20 emma passes incomplete cooks was warning against hopefully smith had a good step and a half on smith the ball of off his gloved hands incomplete absolutely perfect pass from tom brady to brandin cooks cooksey's heartbroken dropping this ball because this would have put the patriots inside the red zone or maybe even more if cooks could have turned up the field he may have been thinking about hitting so close to the sidelined that is concentration was messed up but he has a flat drop second in ten at the forty seven and dolo motioning to the left side grady drops of throw swing pass out of the backfield its louis louis chased by miles jack breaks the tackle and gets pounded out of bounds at the forty nine yard line of jackson bill a breach jones provided a big hit the.

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