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Virginia, or go to court furniture outlet dot com that CO RT furniture outlet dot com. It's one 38. Raskin weather on the 8s, here's Joe Conway in the WTO P traffic center. Sandy on the Maryland beltway prince George's county, you already had a highway volume delays, mostly for weekenders making their way through, but there was a crash reported this on the inner loop as you make your way south and four 95 between Richie marble wrote around four Pennsylvania avenue. No word on how many lanes are blocked, but we heard a lot of response go out there, so watch your speed and watch for the response. Montgomery county, two 70 SAP out south of Montgomery village avenue, the work zone they sink hull work continues two weeks in, you stay to the left to get by in a notable delay. On the I 97 quarter going south slow leaving route three heading toward one 78, 50 yeast, delays even bad deal drive to get to and across the bay bridges, westbound delays cover off of ked narrows. You've got about three lanes west and two lanes east, heavy delays both ways currently. District 6 95 eastbound near the 11th street bridge that crash under police direction causing a delay two 95 south works on your bedding road single lane getting by delays out of Maryland and New York avenue. South capital street Douglas bridge was still closed at last report with the ongoing police activity for the demonstration with the detour still in place. For Virginia belly delays on the antelope at a Tyson toward the legion bridge, had a crash on the George Washington Parkway northbound before the beltway along the right, 95 south down slow across the aqua Quan, then out of triangle most of the way toward Fredericksburg, the crash 95 south in the locals, south of the rappahannock has been cleared, easy pass lanes were still southbound outlast report with about a two mile backup to exit at Stafford. 95 north, slow out of a quiet most of the way toward noin, the crash north on 95 near the FedEx county Parkway was blocking the right side of the roadway. 66 westbound, this new crash is before you get to the capitol belly founded in camera, you get by staying to the right. Brought to you by mattress firm's July 4th sale get a king bed for a queen price and safe up to $500 unselect mattresses. I'm Joe comedy WTO traffic. Now to storm team four meteorologist, clay Anderson. We will continue to enjoy a great weekend across the area, mostly sunny skies throughout the remainder of the day in the afternoon,

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