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A wind tunnel thank wizard of Oz Kansas the tornado Dorothy and TOTO flying somewhere The American League had four Yankees start the game and Mickey Mantle was batting number three and Roger marris number four Tony Kubeck was it short batting number six and Whitey Ford was starting for the. American League in among. The reserves Elston Howard and? Yogi Berra Barra, making his sixteen th all-star appearance at the time and listed as a reserve outfielder among the National, League reserves Don Zimmer the cubs what do we have here the National League what this game five to four. In ten innings scoring two, in the tenth inning with Stu. Miller literally blown off the mound blowing the save, by getting the win, mandolin. The game, over three one for four Pullback oh, for four Yogi Berra for one pinch hitting and forward he gave up a run in three innings onto hits The National, League they had eleven hits and the, game, the American League only four and whenever it's time for. The mid summer classic we think back to that summer Of sixty one A summer where. A always followed they're wearing a sixty one and sixty one. Button Pass up a chance See six of his favorite players So his son could see the. Best baseball players in the world Tonight tonight It's more Salvador Perez and. Thank goodness we only saw max Muncie. Last night so Vidor progress back then in sixty one mantle, and mirrors then maize Erin and Clementi. Brooks Robinson Eddie Mathews. Harmon Killebrew do I need to? Go, on. Okay Frank Robinson was there and appearing in his twentieth all. Star game, STAN Musial but it Salvador I would rather visit San Salvador and watch black and white footage of max Baer then what I was looking at last. Night with max, Muncie two of the best in the game will appear tonight and you can put down the all star game all. You. Want, you can poo poo it all you want by you're. Going to? Be watching if you're a Yankee fan and you're going to be watching if you're a fan, of the New York Metropolitans and. So yes you want to put down. The all star game because it's the. Next vision does encounter got better things to do no no, we were not going to hear any, of that tonight, aren't. We because you will look in? On, Severino. And you will look in on Jacob degrom and yes of. Course he, is the man Of the moment is. Not Jacob? Degrom will take the ball from max Scherzer most likely in the second inning and nobody's prize, he wants, to play from pay Yeah we've been open to discussing long-term deals with the Mets. There's been no no numbers disgust I've said before that I. Would love to, keep playing, here.

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