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No hormones no surgery it's all natural and it's dr supervised you get healthier on the program more energized and finally be able to take control of your health with the brooklyn wellness center weight loss program i've done the program years ago i'm gonna do it again just because i want to lose another twenty five pounds you've heard me rave about dr keller for years stellar spine center now you can turn to her for your weight loss needs as well call dr keller at the brooklyn wellness center today one eight two three four sixty to twelve that's one eight two three four sixty two twelve seven one eight two three four sixty to twelve conservative talk at its finest mike gallagher middays ten to one seventy st answer welcome back america it's hugh hewitt from the relief factor dot com studios inside the beltway getaway day for me i go on vacation i got great guests lined up bob france from is coming in i'll be back for july fourth and bet on the day after we will have the remarkable ed morrissey will be here mark davis will be here on friday said gorka in on monday and then i'll be back a week from today a week from tomorrow which will be the tenth which will be the day after president trump announces in the first opportunity in this morning drive time slot to discuss whoever is nominee years for the supreme court time for the pre market report brought to you by andrew and todd dot com andrew and todd dot com refinancing specialists if you have too much debt and you have.

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