Jerry Larry Fitzgerald, Steve Smith, Bruce discussed on The Dan Patrick Show


Oh jerry larry fitzgerald with fifteen thousand i bruce tone against tim brown steve smith is there he's eighth on the alltime list is that enough to get into the hall of fame mclovin it's should be everyone else on that list is high up there bruce didn't make it though andre johnson is eleventh in receptions eleventh in yards with fourteen thousand yards james lofton's hall of famer chris carter hall of famer they have less yards and kwan bolden doesn't antoine bolden feel a little bit like andre johnson where you just go and that guy was a beast it doesn't matter who you talk to you always get the same description man i guy was beast that guy was beast and see who else is on here jason witten twelve thousand yards so he's twentyfirst brandon marshall has twelve thousand so he's twenty third on the alltime list brandon marshalls not a hall of famer 'antonio gates with eleven thousand and he's not gonna be playing for the chargers so he's thirty th on the alltime list i don't know if that'll hurt him and tony brown has almost ten thousand yards sean jackson has nine thousand four hundred those are the active that's those are the active chapel antonio brown is probably about a year from being a hall of famer at age twenty nine he has four first team all pros he's got two seasons of over one hundred twenty catches he'll he'll be at one thousand catches before at age thirty eight thirty one at worst.

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