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That while we got this guy in the six round i think we got something here well i mean there were signs of it before he was playing you know there were signs of it put even even amperes first year when you only play like three through three balls i think there's all first year one for three probably six yards you know the next year going into camp but so what's the starter and him and damon you're were competing for the backup and really he didn't like be amount and training camp it was just too close to call so going i sat down and we went back and forth and decided to go with well if something happens to bledsoe who are we gonna who's going to go in second and we just decided on him because the second guy was few rep store leftover from the first guy and the nfl the second guy gets so we decided on tommy but it wasn't until about the middle of the year middle of the year we're playing a game it was either san diego or new orleans it was one of those two teams but i think it was saying you though but anyway we were down by eleven in in the fourth quarter and he threw a touchdown pass and a two point conversion to cut it three and we got the ball back and went down to field goal the senate into overtime overtime they got the ball first they went three and out okay they punted us now on our first offense a play they ran and exotic lich that we had seen on tape and we had practiced a versus this exotic bliss we were gonna audible now audibles different than a check with me audible would be this play is not in the mix right now but we're changing the entire place not like this play or that play it's entirely new play based off of this look so they had not run the exotic blitz the entire game and i play overtime that we have the ball they line up and they're sure enough here it comes and he saw it and we ended up getting a fifty five yard gain on the play and after that game was over that play right there was the one that stuck out in my mind saying how does the first year he is a second year in a league thousand per sheer guy going and tire game not see exotic blitz one time and as i re i repin an overtime he's a student up to realize you know he's a student up to realize a this is what we got here how how difficult was it the decision to keep him in there when bledsoe was healthy again not not very difficult you know i felt bad for joe because drew lost the game because he got injured not because he had played that you know we were on rolls and when you're on a roll you know coaches coaches and teams are very superstitious and you want a bunch of games in a row i mean change is not something you really want to be doing that makes sense what about i know you've told me this story coach but i want you to share it with my listeners here on the podcast about brady as a person and the example that that you giving me once or twice about when you were sick all right so i look for a surgery of that the only people that knew i was getting the surgery done with my wife all check and tom okay the only three people though so i was getting it done on friday which by the way never get major surgery on a friday just just to give you a heads up get it on a monday don't get it on a friday mine on a friday they go the doctors go away for the weekend and you get to substitute doctors that really don't want to operate on you if something goes wrong okay so now giving you that answer so i went in for the surgery was supposed to be your in one day and out the next day so i had the surgery done and my wife went that evening to go home and then turn the night you know during the night my blood pressure dropped to fifty over thirty and i was in the tense of care practically debt so he comes in the next morning just to come visit visit me because he didn't wanna listen to me give him a bunch of noise about not stopping in.

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