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Have adults in the organization that Dona hada meant to handle a situation that other people know how to handle. Shut him down. What you got to do. I mean, really, This is the way this is the way that we've got to do things here. It's really bad. The Tennessee Titans are an example of mismanagement. And again, you're asking adults to be adult. What are you asking in the world Accounts football. You're asking young men to be adults. Do you remember all the stories Anthony back in August. Do you remember when we were talking about college football coming back, and we would have the people that would call and say Wait till the students get back on campus. When the students get back on campus, the emergency rooms they're going to be overrun. How many deaths is it gonna take for them to say this was stupid to bring people back. None of that happened. None of that happened. The fearmongering was just that it was fearmongering. None of that happened. And you've had teams and you've had schools and you've had situations where they've had to say, Okay, we need to. We need to really to our best here and make sure that we change some of what we're doing. Change. Some of the tactics changed some of the protocols. Remember when Clinton had over 30 something positive test at once. Texas. Alice, you I'm just rattling off the programs that have had it. Remember what's happened with those franchises with those college programs. They survived. And they're thriving. And they worked their way through it. And we're asking young men were asking college age guys. Two. Flat on flat out. Behave themselves. Guys, We need you to behave yourself. We need you to do what we're asking you to do for a short period of time. And when an NFL team can't do it in Tennessee, but college kids could do it. That's an indictment on a franchise. Jonathan South Carolina joins us Jonathan's on the John Kincaid Show on CBS Sports Radio. How are you, Jonathan Going Pretty good. Just wanna ask a question about that money situation will talk to him about a big loss for billion dollars. Five billion across Major League baseball projected losses. My question is, what did they actually make? Did you know what they made five they made five billion less than they would have. Yeah, but what did they actually make, you know? Did they have a banner year or, you know they didn't have a banner year. They they lost baseball teams projecting to lose minimum off $5 billion in revenue. That is a catastrophic loss. All due to the fact is, what do you do in baseball? You sell tickets? You sell beers? You sell parking. You sell T shirts. You sell hats. You sell the game day experience. None of that happened this year, not one fan going into a stadium. And that is that is a $5 billion loss. Which then there's no way that's a terrible year. That's a crippling year. And honestly, not many, not many businesses or otherwise could ever survive it. All you, dude. Thanks for your call. All you have to do is look. Att Anthony. I saw the video the other day it was from Wednesday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Within blocks of where Good morning America is in Times Square. And how many businesses had plywood up. We're still had the gates up on their windows. Yes, it still had. I mean, Tourism is gone right right now right now, and hopefully it comes back. You know how much I love Manhattan? Yeah. We just learned this a week that Broadway is going to be shut down now until May of 2021. Obviously we're going to Manhattan. It's crippling. That's part of the travel part of the part of the dining Are you eating? And and they're not eating in yet, right? Or are they now they are now they are so now you can go in and you can eat for the time being. There's already a bit but there's been threats that we could be closing up shop in certain locations of the trends continue to go the way they are. One of the brightest executives that I've ever known. In any professional sports is the man I've gotten to know. In Atlanta running the Braves organization is president general manager Alex Anthopoulos. He's very candid. He's a great guy to talk baseball with and.

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